The Bennetts

One day over Facebook I stumbled across a post of an interview of a couple named Katrina & Mark Bennett. Two high school friends that lost touch and then reconnected years later.  In the past couple years they got married and had two beautiful children; Two young parents in their early 30’s with two sweet little ones . A now 8 month old little girl and 21 month old little boy. Two parents with two young ones, I can relate to that!  However, something I can not imagine and cannot relate too, is the simple fact that both these amazing parents are struggling with and fighting Cancer. Mark was diagnosed with Stage3B Colon Cancer this past summer. I can’t imagine the shock this family felt when they heard the news, and only two days later Katrina had a feeling as if she was being strangled. She went to the ER to find out that she also has Cancer – lymphoma in the mediastinum.  Something I can relate to; is the fun but sometimes tiring & long days that come with having two children, but cannot imagine  adding on top of that going through treatments such as Chemo, Radiation and of course on-going tests. Keep in mind that neither one of them can work now, which adds an additional stress that they shouldn’t have to think about. However, every parent would stress and worry about finances for their family especially when you have children. My heart felt for this family and it is important to remind people, even those you don’t know that there are good people in the world and a community that will lend a hand when it is needed.
I contacted this amazing family and asked if I could do a fundraiser to help, they graciously accepted and in partnership with owner Amber Van Den Hoven of Babydoll Boutique Fine Lingerie we put on a fantastic Ladies Night together in Maple Ridge. It was overwhelming to see the generosity from businesses, peoples cash donations, ticket sales, our silent auction item donations, gifts for the family, and just help spreading the word about the event and this family’s story was more than breath taking.  We had Eye-Lash Extensions from Pour Couture Lashes, Bra-Fittings, Drinks, Appy’s, Sweets, Door Prizes, a Silent Auction, Shopping with 100% Commissions from Stella & Dot Stylist Janet Rutledge and Scentsy Independent Consultant Shannen Baker and 15% of Sales from Babydoll Boutique Fine Lingerie. Every penny raised when straight to the family. We are so excited to announce that our Fundraiser raised exactly $2042.00 Cash to help cover some bills for this family, along with $225. Gift Cards to Superstore, Walmart and Save-on-foods, an employee of Costco donated a frozen Turkey for the family, You’ve Got Maid donated a $300 Value Gift Certificate of Cleaning Services (Which they were very excited about because let’s be honest who really enjoys cleaning in the best of circumstances.)  We also received Formula,  Some toys for the kids, diapers & diaper bag stuffers. Over all our total value was close to $2800.00!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to our ladies night out and helped donate to this family! They were shocked with the generosity and so appreciative.

To see the interview of the family from Global BC Please click here.

If you would like to make a donation to help this family out you can make a donation through email money transfer or to their paypal account to or to their trust account with Coast Capital Savings under “The Bennett Family in trust”


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