King’s Castle- Shopping local and planning Birthday Parties just got easier!

Hello! My name is Julia Dawn and I am a singer-songwriter, blogger, hula hooper, worship leader, and full-time Mom. My little girl was born May 2016 and has turned our lives into a beautiful chaotic whirlwind.  I live for her giggles, make it through the day with re-heated coffee and unwind with beautiful stationary and a nice fountain pen in my hands. Oh, how I love my stationary. My goal is to be real, raw and honest about Mom life, marriage, friendships and living life with passion.

If you are like me, you love to support local businesses and keep your money in the community. This is important for so many reasons. It strengthens the local economy, it keeps people in business who may not be able to work outside of their homes (hello stay at home Mom, I see you there), you are giving back to your community, it helps us build friendships and a sense of belonging, etc. (if you aren’t convinced, go google “Why shop local” and be amazed at all the reasons)!

King’s Castle is no exception!  Jennifer King started this brilliant business in her home in 2012 and it has since exploded into a storefront at Lawson Heights Mall, here in Saskatoon.  What started as wood signs and a few costumes hanging in a basement, turned into exhibition shows, princesses and superheroes and is now a fully run party place full of your favorite local businesses, all in one.

At Lawson Heights, located directly across from the playground in the food court (perfection), you can find everything from bibs, cloth shoes, grow-with-me sweaters, and pants, wood hangings, teething gel, shampoo and conditioners for your babies, natural laundry detergent, towels, dress up masks, little bows (that also fit adults in case you are wondering), teething toys and so much more! They even carry big kid underwear for when your littles reach that oh so fun stage of life! All of these things are made by other local businesses that Jennifer has brought in.  So when you shop here, you are supporting a local business who is supporting local businesses. *WIN*

King’s Castle is always getting in new stock, so every trip is a new experience. Always something beautiful to see, a new product to try out or let’s be honest, a place to drop all that hard earned cash. Who doesn’t love spoiling their littles?

Other than being my new favorite place to buy gifts for all the coming babies and birthdays in my life, it’s also a wonderful option for birthday PARTIES!

Jennifer has turned the back of the store into a party room (genius) that looks like you are walking into a castle (also genius). You can rent and have your birthday party right there, and have a princess or superhero join your kids! The room holds about 20 people comfortably, and you can choose whatever superhero or princess your kid wants! They have almost anyone you can think of, from Elsa to Super Girl, Moana, Iron man,  Spider-Man or Batman! They can do a special appearance or stay to do activities with the kids!  Batman shows up to your kids birthday party? And the Best Mom Award goes to…


You can also ‘rent’ the superheroes and princesses away from the Castle, meaning they can come right to your house!! I know, this just keeps getting better. Can you imagine Olaf showing up to your kid’s party to say hello? … Can he come to my birthday party? I love that guy.


A few of the characters are only available for special appearances (Iron Man, The Hulk, Batman, and Olaf) but most of them can stay if you’d like as previously mentioned. Some of the activities they can do are nail-painting, play with a parachute, singing party, simple face painting, you can get goodie bags (for an extra cost of course), and my personal favorite, a crowning ceremony for the birthday girl! Again the options seem endless. They have thought of it all over at King’s Castle.


To top it off, Jennifer King, the owner, may be one of the friendliest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. You are always greeted with a smile and a laugh, she’ll help you find exactly what you are looking for or leave you to wander around. Her dreams have become reality, which ironically is helping your kid’s dreams come true. Working with her is smooth sailing, drama free and best of all like I’ve said, you get to support local businesses.


I could go on about how amazing I think this store and all its products are, but you should really just go check it out for yourself.  Feel free to follow them on the Social and see how amazing it is for yourself! Happy Shopping!



IG- @KingsCastleDesigns

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