To the Struggling Mom

Do you ever have one of those days (weeks, maybe months) where you feel that everything is getting ahead of you, you’re struggling to keep up and hanging on by a thread?

You’re not alone.

Is your baby keeping you up all night and you seem to be fueled by coffee all day long?

Is your child refusing to eat anything and seems to be living on granola bars and milk?

Does your child run away from you whenever you go out in public and you are trying to run after them with a baby in tow?

Is your child’s new favourite word no?

Does your child seem to move in slow motion in the morning when you are trying to get out of the house on time so you aren’t late for work?

Does your child act like bedtime is a foreign concept they have never heard of each night?

Does your potty training child pee in their diaper and then say I have to pee?

Does your child walk into your freshly cleaned living room and dump out every toy bin and then walk away?

Are you feeling sick and your little one wants your non-stop attention?

Do you have family and/or friends that tell you how you should be parenting your child because they know better?

Is your child biting, pinching or hitting other kids and you are trying to teach them appropriate behaviour?

Do you have a picky eater who refuses to eat anything?

This list could go on and on – there is no end to the parenting struggles

Don’t struggle alone. Don’t think that you are the only struggling parent. I’m always blown away when parents come to me and say “how do you do it? You seem to have it all together” – I want to, and often do, laugh out loud and say I definitely don’t have it all together – I struggle everyday. There isn’t a day that passes that I don’t struggle with something. Even the good days with my daughters there are always little struggles. Somedays I struggle with myself. ┬áBut I’ve learned to let things go. I’ve learned to pick and choose what to do because I can’t do it all.

When you need help ask. Let some things go – ok your house may be a mess but your child is happy. The laundry might not be put away but you had a great tea party with your daughter.


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