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Jillian Guenter. I’m a 24-year-old wife and new mom to our daughter “Baby G”, as I refer to her in my blogs.  She is the new adventure in our marriage and the smile bringer to our everyday.  She is the main character in my stories lately, as she teaches me something new every day.  I love writing about her and the everyday happenings of mommy life, so I’m extremely excited to join this blogging group!

Life changes when you have a baby.  This wasn’t a surprise for me, and I assume it’s not for most new moms.  We fanaticize about what life will be like with a baby, we prepare for months, and we expect that life will be very, very different.  One change that surprised me though was a certain sense of new Mommy Confidence that came along with taking Baby G out of the house.

I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is.  We certainly didn’t decide to have Baby G with the thought, “let’s have a baby so we can enjoy going out in public more”.  Without being able to explain exactly why or how this works, I’ve come to believe that it has an evolution related existence. Maybe this positive feeling we get from taking our babies out with us is engrained in us mommies from somewhere back in our Homo Erectus days. Maybe it was so that we wouldn’t leave the little ones behind while we wondered off to fill our hungry bellies when that wild breastfeeding appetite popped up out of nowhere as it tends to do.  Yeah, maybe that’s where this feeling originated.  But maybe there’s more.

You know when you finally get that purse you’ve been eyeing up, or that new pair of Hilberg and Berks?  And how you just feel like a million bucks walking out the door?  The feeling I’m talking about is like walking out the door with the most amazing purse you’ve ever seen, combined with a pair of earrings so nice you don’t even want to know how much they cost, PLUS a pair of jeans that makes your butt look so great it’s like they were actually created just for your body.  That’s the feeling I’m talking about when I walk out the door with Baby G on my hip.

Now I have a really cute baby.  Like we all do!! Everyone thinks her baby is the cutest baby in the world- it’s why facebook and instagram are completely saturated with cute baby pics!  I could spend hours looking at her just thinking, “man are you ever adorable”.  This too, is something I know everyone does – and should do! The feeling of thinking your baby is the absolute cutest in the world only perpetuates the Mommy confidence I’m talking about.  It’s like adding the most perfect pompom keychain to that amazing purse with those expensive earrings and those tailor made jeans.

Maybe it’s that feeling of, “Ya, I got myself ready and this tiny human looking good too”.  Or perhaps it’s, “I am beautiful AND strong because I gave birth to this little person.”  Or maybe it’s, “despite not spending a minute at “work” today, I have accomplished so much and am very successful- the proof is in this little human”.  There are a million positive thoughts that I’m sure contribute to this Mommy Confidence as well.

I also have an extremely sociable baby.  She comes by it honestly from her Daddy.  A leisurely walk through the mall that would have previously been spent mostly in my own thoughts, now invites strangers of all ages into our world as Baby G starts up babbling conversations.  The smiles, compliments, and happy conversations are so lovely.  I’m positive these joyful interactions with strangers wherever we go contribute to this Mommy Confidence.

I’ve always respected moms for what they do.  I idolized my mom growing up.  I mirrored everything mom related she did with my dolls- to the point of pretending to breastfeed my dolly on the couch while she fed my younger sister.  I watched what she did so closely, and just thought, “wow, you have the most intense and amazing job in the whole wide world”.  I’ve always looked at other moms with a serious amount of respect for the job they do every single day.  My guess is that this amazing view of motherhood that I’ve developed over the years also contributes to this feeling I’m trying to describe.

Whatever it is, this unexpected Mommy Confidence that came along with Baby G is a wonderful surprise and just another reason to love being a Mom so darn much!




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