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Tamara Kaminski. I grew up in Cottage Country, Manitoba and moved to Saskatchewan in 2014 with a busy Corporate Marketing career. Here in beautiful SK, I met my redneck dream guy! We’ve been married for 2 years and our awesome Son is 1. I waited a long time for my dream family, and absolutely love our busy, crazy, fun life with our Son and 2 pups. Life has thrown its curve balls, so we are navigating new waters where I can be home with our little guy.

Our little guy is just over a year so I’m learning how to cope in the heat waves while keeping him entertained.
Most days it seems like we go through the dance of getting everything ready to head outside, and this dance can take quite a while…and not too long after we finally getting outside, we’re starting to overheat! So then you make sure he drinks his cold water, try over and over again to get him to wear his hat, and try to keep him in the shade. Not easy feats with a walking, busy, tiny human.
I have found a water table is an absolute must – seriously if you don’t have one, you will not regret this purchase! Most times the toys we have are engaging, but for those other times, I’m always looking for fun ideas and stumbled across this list of activities on that I thought other Moms might enjoy!

I would love to hear other Mom’s suggestions for their favourite sunblock for baby, what better place to ask!

Enjoy your summer, it will go by so fast! This is a challenging time of year with inside and outside of the house turning into a giant playground to keep the little ones happy. In those moments when life is feeling hectic, go outside with your kids; go smell some flowers, go outside at night and chase firefly’s; soak up their excitement of all of these new wonders.

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