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Hello! My name is Julia Dawn and I am a singer-songwriter, blogger, hula hooper, worship leader, and full-time Mom. My little girl was born May 2016 and has turned our lives into a beautiful chaotic whirlwind.  I live for her giggles, make it through the day with re-heated coffee and unwind with beautiful stationary and a nice fountain pen in my hands. Oh, how I love my stationary. My goal is to be real, raw and honest about Mom life, marriage, friendships and living life with passion.


Hello, my fellow Moms.

I thought you, like me, could maybe use a reminder today. So this one is for you.  Know that you are strong, brave and oh so loved.

My fellow Mom,

You are amazing. You fill this big world with tiny sprinkles of joy that get caught in the wind and spread like wild fire. Your love is contagious! It is being passed around from you to your kids to their friends to their teachers to other schools and you may not even know it. The love you share with your family is outstanding. Thank you for loving them even when it’s hard, even when you’d rather be anywhere but in the kitchen making another meal or changing another diaper, thank you for loving your family enough to stay. You are a great Mom!

You are a rockstar. Your kids look up to you and are learning from you daily. They hear those words, they see those actions and they truly are your mini-me’s, so thank you for being kind. For always trying your best to say kind things and respond to situations in a way that isn’t harmful. Kindness is hard sometimes, we all get angry every now and then and that’s ok! Thank you for showing that emotions are a part of everyday life and for teaching your kids how to deal with them in a healthy way. You are a great Mom!

You are brave and strong. I see the struggles you are facing and although maybe I can’t relate 100% to this exact situation, please know that you are being supported and loved on. You will get through this! Thank you for working through it and for showing your kids that women are brave and strong and can make it work no matter what the circumstances. You are a great Mom!

You are doing an amazing job. Yes, I see that your fridge is a little empty this week, I see that you let your kids have ‘too much’ screen time, I see that you didn’t get to the play room when cleaning up today and I see that you haven’t checked off everything on your list. But you know what? Your kids are alive, they are fed, safe, surrounded by people that love them and they are full of adventure and smiles and laughter! Isn’t our job to support them and let them dream big dreams and help them reach new heights? Well, Mama, you are doing that by letting them use their imaginations, by helping them learn and see new things. You are doing an amazing job. You are a great Mom!

Please don’t forget how important you are. I see how you put your kids first most if not all of the time, and I see how exhausted you are because of it. It’s ok to take some ‘me’ time. Go to the spa, get a hair cut, buy a new book and sit a whole afternoon in a coffee shop like the old days. And if anyone asks you who gave you permission, you can tell them I sent you.  It’s not selfish to take care of yourself, it’s actually the healthy choice. So go, be free for a day! I know it’s hard to find the time but make it. Refresh yourself.

Who cares if you covered or not while breastfeeding, who cares if you let your kids jump on a trampoline or not when they were young, who cares if you use boathouse sunscreen if it works for your kids and who cares if you choose private school or public school. You know who cares? You. And that’s the only person that matters (okay and your partner) in these decisions. You are doing what you believe to be best for your child(ren) and that makes you a great Mom.  You are joyful, loving, kind-hearted, brave, strong, important and LOVED. Don’t ever forget it.

Sincerely, a Mother who needs this reminder just as much as you.

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