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I’m a 24-year-old wife and new mom to our daughter “Baby G”, as I refer to her in my blogs.  She is the new adventure in our marriage and the smile bringer to our everyday.  She is the main character in my stories lately, as she teaches me something new every day.  I love writing about her and the everyday happenings of mommy life, so I’m extremely excited to join this blogging group!


Babies don’t stop your adventure…they take you to Level 2

Remember with me for a second, when you were a kid – playing that awesome
PlayStation game. When you didn’t want to put the controller down because it was
just so exciting. It gave you that dose of adrenaline we’re all chasing. Now as an
adult, my hubby and I are fuelled by real-life adventure; hiking, camping, jumping
out of planes, jumping off bridges (I guess we like jumping), everything outdoors
and exhilarating.
The PlayStation game that gave me this high as a child was Spyro. My sisters and I
would gather around our TV downstairs in anticipation as we took turns with our
single controller, flying, jumping and collecting orbs. This, of course, is a metaphor
for our life pre-baby. Every free weekend was filled with something new, something
fun, and as often as possible, something that took us a little out of our comfort zones.
Come back with me to my childhood for a second. We thought that sitting there
together, playing Spyro, was as good as it got. We thought that we had life made.
And then one day we found a portal that led us to a new world: essentially level 2!
The game became more challenging, we were exposed to a whole new set of
considerations, and ultimately, the game became even better!
In March of 2017, my hubby and I added a little sidekick to our adventure- Baby G.
As she entered the world, we wandered through the portal to Level 2. In no way
have our adventures halted. Just a few weeks ago we were up climbing on the face
of a mountain. Yes, it took extra considerations- just another challenge of this new
world we’re in called Parenthood. In July the three of us packed up our tent and
took a trip to BC. We hiked our hearts out, our longest trek being a little over 5
hours. The trip was in no way dampened by our new adventurer. It just felt like
even more of an accomplishment when we finished: an even greater feat! We pack a
few different items now on our journeys than we used to, and respectively, there is
more of a risk in forgetting essentials. But that’s just part of the adventure because
hey, we’re in level 2 now!
Babies don’t take away your adventure. They don’t take away whatever type of life
you live. They are an extension of it. The wonderful thing about being parents is
that you get to choose how you live this new life with Baby. My hubby and I are
adventurous spirits, and so Baby G has hopped on board one big adventure train.
The excitement that we get from each new thing we do will only be amplified as we
get to watch our little one experience it.
If the wonder of watching Baby G in awe of waterfalls on our hikes this summer is
any indication, we are in for a lifetime of amazing adventures that we never could
have imagined. This is just another reason to love being a Mom so darn much!

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