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My name is Jordi McCallum and I am 28 years old.  I am a Dewatering Technologist for a uranium mine up north and am currently on my one year maternity leave.  I have been with my husband since I was 16 years old and we have been married for almost 5 years.  This year we had a beautiful baby girl named Kennedy and she has completely turned our lives upside down in the best way.  I decided to start my own blog discussing my life as a first time mom.  I wanted to have place where I could look back on all of the good times and bad, but mostly the good and reminisce.  After spending countless hours on google searching basically every tiny little thing I could starting from pregnancy to birth to newborns to make sure that my baby was okay I decided to start my own blog, I wanted it to be down to earth and real and something that I would have liked to have access to when I was looking.  Most importantly I wanted to create a space that has no judgement- you can follow me @life_of_kennedy on Instagram to read all about my life as a first time mom.

I went to school for environmental engineering and I had a very specific job I wanted once I was graduated, I absolutely had to work at a mining company somewhere within the environmental/ water department.  Two years after I graduated the job I had always hoped for opened up and I was lucky enough to get it.  It involved me flying up north every week on a week in week out schedule and was an extremely challenging fast paced and highly motivating job, exactly what I wanted.  I loved it so much, my co worker was my closet friend up there we worked so well together.  I went fishing after work 3 or 4 times a week, I went paddle boarding during my lunch breaks, bike riding to and from work and had every meal cooked for me 3 times a day, it was seriously amazing!  So when the question of whether I would go back to work or not after I had a baby came up my answer was always a big solid yes, with no hesitation whatsoever, yes I was going back to work. 

Me and my husband waited a while before we had kids, we just wanted to be married first, we traveled all over the world and I worked my dream job for 4 years.  Then one day we decided we were ready and a couple weeks later I was pregnant!  So the question came up in almost every conversation I had with people, “are you going to go back to work after baby”?  My strong yes turned into a hesitation but was still a yes for now.  Then I felt my babies first kick, and people would ask me “are you going back to work”?  My response had now become I think I will job share (splitting my shift with someone else working 1 week in 3 weeks at home)

As my belly grew so did my bond with my little girl, everyday I worried more and more that maybe I couldn’t go back to work that a whole week away would no longer be fun for me and that I would be too sad.  I started to sway in the direction of not going back at all, I had to leave work early since I could no longer fly and it was so easy to leave it all behind because I was so ready for my daughter and the next stages in my life.

One afternoon contractions started and two dreadful days later I had my beautiful baby girl.  I knew from the second I laid my eyes on her I was never going back to work, I could never leave her for that long job sharing or not.  Telling my husband I was no longer going back to the 6 figure job I had worked so hard for was actually not that hard lol, I think he knew before I did that I wasn’t going to go back.  It will take an adjustment for us all, cutting our income right in half isn’t the easiest thing to do but for me it is the right thing to do.

I have nothing against moms who go back to work, I think it makes them strong because it certainly would not be easy.  I just could not leave my daughter for a week at a time and my husband has a good job so we can make it work, it would be to hard on us all and sometimes the money isn’t the most important thing  I don’t want to miss all of her milestones, being gone for an entire week instead of just an 8 hour day is just to much to miss.

I decided to start up a small business to keep me busy and create a little bit of cash flow and I had always wanted to do it.  It took off fairly well and so I kept up with it and am constantly expanding my brand so that I can be a stay at home mom to my little babe and hopefully more little babes to come in the future.  It really was a hard decision to make because my job was a huge part of who I was for a long time,  but at the same time it was an easy decision to make because my daughter is the best part of every single day and I want to be home with her as much as I can.  Maybe one day I will go back or find a different job in my field but for now I just want to live in these moment with my little girl while she is still little.

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