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Ok, mama’s.

I’m taking a stand and I’m inviting you to do it with me.

I loathe those six dogs. Yes, that’s right. I HATE Paw Patrol.  I know, I know – how can I hate cute talking dogs that save the town of Adventure Bay daily?

I just fail to see how any parent can enjoy this show without numerous logical questions springing to mind. And I often wonder what the heck (other than the pups being cute) is the appeal for children. The episodes are the same each week and what could they learn – that talking dogs with trucks (that have endless tools), who can fly and do karate will save them in any situation?

Here are just a few of my meandering thoughts that seem to consume my mind daily…

  1. Why is a seemingly parentless child named Ryder in charge of saving the city all by himself?

This might be the mammoth of all questions since the entire show is based on this premise. But why does Ryder live all by himself in some weird tower? Who put him in charge of saving the town? Who trained Ryder and, in turn, who trained the pups? Why doesn’t he go to school? How did he come to live in the tower? And the real question… how can he afford all the gadgets and living expenses for himself and 6 dogs?

  1. Why are all the adults in the show incompetent and rely on a child to save them?

Is it just me or is every adult in the show a bumbling idiot who can’t figure out a problem by themselves? They never seem to learn their lessons from the problems the Paw Patrol save them from. Daring Danny is always jumping over more cliffs, the animals are always escaping from the circus in town and Wally the Walrus is always lost by Captain Turbot. And let’s not even start on the Mayor.

  1. Why can the Paw Patrol pups talk but the other animals in the show can’t?

If Marshall, Chase and the other faithful pups can speak to each other and the humans, why can’t the cat, walrus and other various animals they have saved talk too? Why just a select few? I think life in Adventure Bay might be easier, if Chickaletta could just talk.

  1. How many times can you save a chicken? And why does the mayor even have a chicken?

Don’t get my started. Ok, you’ve got me started. Who the heck voted for this mayor? She carries a chicken in her purse for a pet and then at least once an episode said chicken needs to be saved. It seems like a waste of the tax payers’ dollars (assuming that Paw Patrol is the police service since there doesn’t seem to be any other emergency crews in the town). I wonder when Adventure Bay’s election is, although, I’m not sure they have a better option.

  1. Why is the theme song so dang catchy?

Yes, like every parent, I’ve caught myself singing the theme song when I’m nowhere near my son. Sigh.

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