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No better word describes how I feel on a daily basis. I love travelling for new experiences, for learning, for fun and for relaxation. I am always thinking about my next vacation before I’ve even gone on the first and have a bucket list of locations that I vow to see before I die.

My love of travel is one thing I hope that I pass on to my son. Travelling with a child may seem like a nightmare for some, or to others a waste of money, but I know we are both getting bonding time and he’s gaining new experiences to help with his development.

At three, my son has been on 19 airplanes, to 9 states and three provinces. He may not remember it, but I will. I will remember his awe at the first time he got to sit on his own seat on the plane, or his love of giraffes since feeding one at the Phoenix zoo.

I believe that he will learn from every situation I put him in and I learn too. From both being sick and stuck in the Toronto airport for 8 hours, to racing through the Minneapolis airport to catch a connection,  he’s been a trooper.

And frankly so have I. It hasn’t always been roses – that race through Minneapolis was done with high pitched screams because he didn’t want to sit in his stroller. I’ve been embarrassed in a hotel because I’m sure we were going to get a noise complaint because he was crying so loud, and then there was the flu bug we all caught in Texas.

But I wouldn’t change any of it.  He’s grown as a tiny human and we’ve grown together. Nothing will ever replace this family time. So if you can, do it. Explore with them, enjoy with them.

Travel and never stop exploring.

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