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30 year old female who is a wife and mum to a 3 year old son and expecting my second child. New to Saskatoon Canada 🇨🇦 trying out a new adventure. All the way from South Africa 🇿🇦 and new to blogging. Hoping my experience and stories enlightens other moms.

The news of my second pregnancy came as quite a surprise to me, even though I felt like it was time for the next one. My 3 year old needs the company as he gets up to too much mischief on his own. I kept thinking… are we ready for the next one, are we prepared to do this all over again? Wait, what age did we introduce him to water again? What if he wants a brother and ends up with a sister – will they get along? I had so many questions I asked myself it was mind boggling!

I did not experience any pregnancy symptoms, and after taking two home pregnancy tests I was still in denial. On the second we went to the doctor to confirm if the tests were indeed correct, and when she worked her “clock backwards” indeed I was.

The first thing my husband asked me was “who was I going to tell first?”. I didn’t give it much thought as I felt that I needed to over come the shock first. But I knew there was one person I had to tell – my son.

It was exciting for me that he is going to be a big brother. He loves babies and would rather play with them than kids his own age. So when we told him he was going to be a big brother he was thrilled with the news. I’m not sure if he knew what that meant, but he kept saying he wants a brother and not a sister. To make him feel like the big brother he is and share the news with a few close friends, we had a tshirt made for him that he gets to wear whenever he pleases.

Now he is fully aware that mum is carry a baby for him and he will have someone to play with real soon! He is concerned about mum’s wellbeing as well as the baby’s. He decided on his own that he needs to set aside some of his toys for the baby to play with. We include him in most of the decisions when it comes to baby shopping and he absolutely loves it. This way he won’t feel neglected once our little one arrives. We even thought about getting him something that comes from the baby to create that special connection between the two.

I am glad we got to share to news sooner as it was an easy transition and it has certainly made the rest of my pregnancy pleasant and enjoyable.

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