Palmer’s Stretch Mark Products for Expectant and New Moms


Palmers Products for Expectant and New Moms

Local Mommy and Blogger (Babies, Besties and Bubbly) Yessenia tried out 3 Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula products – massage lotion, massage cream and tummy butter.

I have never tried the brand Palmer’s previously before this package was sent to me! Since I have had eczema I felt very limited to lotion since everything I used was prescribed, steroid and unscented.

The massage lotion felt so soft on my skin. It was very easy to use since it had a pump dispenser. I applied it more of a full body moisturizer.

The massage cream was pretty thick compared for the lotion which is something I was used to. Having eczema most of my life cream was the only thing that worked or stayed on long enough for my skin to actually absorb. So I seemed to really focus this on my prone to stretch mark areas (tummy,legs, bum,breasts)

The tummy butter is solid form. I would put it in between my hands and rub in circular motions to warm up and once it was oily I would apply it when I could walk around with my shirt up or a bra on so that it could sit on my skin to dry. Instead of throwing clothes on it right away.

I’m glad to say I still haven’t got any stretch marks for my second pregnancy. But I can tell you that this formula is truly moisturizing I could feel it stay on for a very long time compared to any other. I’m very happy with quality and am so thankful for the opportunity given to me to tryout and review these products!

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