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I’m a 24-year-old wife and new mom to our daughter “Baby G”, as I refer to her in my blogs.  She is the new adventure in our marriage and the smile bringer to our everyday.  She is the main character in my stories lately, as she teaches me something new every day.  I love writing about her and the everyday happenings of mommy life, so I’m extremely excited to join this blogging group!

Ah Christmas time.  That magical time of the year when all through the house, everything is stirring, all the time, without a quiet moment ever.  When the stockings are hung by the chimney with care, and then pulled down to be used as dress up boots daily.  When children are never ever nestled in their beds on time and mama in her kerchief and daddy in his cap need a glass of wine. Or bed. When over the monitor arises such a clatter, of course it’s just a two-year-old climbing out of bed for playtime at 3 am.  Ornaments are hung on the tree over and over and over and over.  When beautiful festive Christmas outfits are chosen, soiled, and changed.  When we take our littles to see the big jolly man, whose eyes how they twinkle and his dimples how merry, but as they approach the big guy kids more often than not think he’s scary and we end up with yet another awkward picture of our kids wriggling out of his arms.  Ah Christmas time.

So the old classic story’s a little bit unrealistic.  And I’m poking fun at all the Christmas challenges that come with the territory of being a parent this time of year.  But to be honest, kids make Christmas exciting and magical in a way we adults can’t.  We have been on a 24/7 Christmas light watch since the first lights went on on our street.  Little G spots Christmas lights anywhere, no matter how measly the spread, and gives more specifics such as color and whose window they can be spotted out of until all have acknowledged that we too have seen the Christmas lights.  If that doesn’t get you in the season, I don’t know what does.  And there are the Christmas trees. Everywhere we go, my arm is pulled by the tiny hand at my side in the direction of any and every Christmas tree we pass.  We admire, in awe, the sparkles, the lights, the ornaments, and the star at the top.  We adults often rush past these things without giving them a second glance.

Candy canes are another mystical and sought after bit of Christmas.  Little G has never had more than a single lick of a candy cane, and yet she has come to believe that they are some sort of amazing magical food that deserves a shout out whenever one is spotted.  Honestly, over the years I’ve come to see nothing but the stick of sugar that is asking to give you either a break out or annoyingly sticky fingers.  But I like the excitement that is spurred by a two–year old.

And then there’s the gifts.  The thought of Christmas gift-giving generally falls somewhere between extreme anxiety and mild excitement for the average adult.  To kids though, choosing gifts, wrapping gifts, and dare I mention it, opening gifts, is about as exhilarating as it gets.  Admittedly, our presents have a few extra pieces of tape, often crinkled corners where the presents were dragged to their spot under the Christmas tree, and a couple extra touches with marker and bright bows at odd angles. But wrapping presents with a little one who is ecstatic about it is so much more fun than wrapping them by yourself.

So this Christmas, let your little one’s Christmas joy rub off on you.  Try not to focus on the oddly re-decorated tree or the less-than-perfect Santa photo shoot.  Remember your own childhood Christmas joy and relive it with your littles.  The magic that kids subscribe to this time of year is another reason to love being a mom so darn much.

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