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I’m Liv from Saskatoon, I am Momma to 2 kiddos- Holden, my very energetic 5 year old and Lexi my spunky 1.5 year old. I am also Stepmomma to a beautiful 12 year old, Breanna. I am married to truck driver Brandon, who spends a lot of days away from home. When I’m not momming (is that ever?) I am a Recreation Director at a seniors home in Saskatoon. I am passionate about health and wellness and coffee. Coffee is my jam. I’m new to the whole blogging thing but I find putting my thoughts to paper is a wonderous form of self care

Here we are, mid-January, the sparkle and pressures of Christmas have all but left (well except those pesky credit card bills…) and those of us with the stereotypical grandeur New Year’s resolutions are either steadily rolling on, or have completely abandoned ship.

I love the yogi way of looking at things- it’s a practice. You’re not going to be perfect off the hop; you’re going to build on your strengths. Heck, you may be doing it for years and have an off day and not be perfect, that’s why it’s a practice. I changed my mind shift to this, to look at the things I do in my life as a practice. Some days will be better than others; I don’t have to do it perfectly all the time. Whether that involves being a mother, wife, my career, my fitness- it’s all never going to go perfectly all the time. Life is messy, and wonderfully imperfect.

I’ve come to trying new things and asking myself “will this help me to grow?” I’m not here trying to “fix” any flaws, and I’m building on sustainable habits that I can…practice daily. This does not go to say I didn’t set any goals- because I have. Small goals that if achieved can open up to some much larger ones.

So this year I’m going to practice self-care, self-love for who I am presently-not for what I was or am becoming, and practice patience with my crazy world. Well, that sounds like a resolution doesn’t it? The fact is a resolution can be broken, dumped off; how can you say that of a practice? A practice already implies imperfection- and that is something I know I can stick with. Plans shift, it’s not all or nothing- it’s all or something.

Be kind to yourselves this shiny New Year mama’s.



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