Fave 5 Kid Friendly Crafts

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We LOVE crafty at my house! Or I love crafty and the girls love making a mess. Either way, we do a lot of crafts.

With the cold weather we have spent a lot more time inside which means a lot more activities to keep everyone happy. So I thought I would share my top 5 kid friendly crafts.

1) Paint in a bag

Supplies needed: paint, large ziplock bag, crafting paper, painters tape and glitter (the glitter is optional)

Step 1) I cut the paper to size to fit into the bag. And then place the paper in the bag.

Step 2) Choice some paint and squirt toonie sized amounts of paint in random spots on the paper.

Step 3) Close bag and tape shut to avoid paint squirting out. I used painters tape because it was thick but also easy to open when we wanted to add more.

Step 4) Push the paint around and make your master piece.

Step 5) Add more paint and/glitter as you see fit!

Optional – we have also done this with adding stickers onto the paper and then pulling the stickers off after to spell words or make a sky with stars. Whatever you want goes!

2) Tissue paper art 

Supplies needed: disposable table cloth, variety of colours of tissue paper, scissors, a thick canvas or thick paper, squirt bottle and water.

Optional: gloves as the dye from the tissue paper will stain your hands.

Step 1) cut tissue paper into different sizes and/or shapes.

Step 2) put down table cloth and put on gloves if wanted. Fill squirt bottle with water.

Step 3) squirt the canvas/paper where you want to place your tissue paper 1 time.

Step 4) place the tissue paper on top of the water spot on your canvas and spray again until covered with water.

Step 5) repeat steps 3 and 4 with different colours and shapes until you are happy with the covering of your canvas.

Step 6) let the canvas sit with the tissue paper to dry. We also patted some of the water to help it dry faster.

Step 7) take off the tissue paper and throw away.

Step 8) let your art dry and you’re done!

3) Sensory Bottles 

Supplies needed: empty water bottle (the VOSS water bottle is a great bottle to use), clear hand soap, clear dish soap, food colouring, glitter, glue and objects you want.  (Such as sequences, googley eyes, beads, small pieces of LEGO)

Step 1) take the label off the water bottle and fill 1/4 with dish soap and 1/4 with hand soap.

Step 2) add food colouring, glitters and objects.

Step 3) add more soap if needed until bottle is about 3/4 full.

Step 4) glue lid on and enjoy!!!

* this version is the slow moving sensory bottle version. You can also use water and glitter or clear glue instead of the soap for a bit of a faster moving bottle.

4) Egg Carton Bugs

Supplies needed: egg carton, scissors, hot glue gun,  pipe cleaners or wire, paint,  molding clay or pom pom balls, q-tips and paint brush.

Step 1) cut egg carton into individuals for bugs or into longer strips for a caterpillars.

Step 2) paint the egg cartons and let dry. We used q-tips to make the dots on our lady bugs.

Step 3) then we used pipe cleaners for the caterpillar’s antennas and for the lady bugs we used molding clay to make the ladybugs heads and eyes. Then we bent small wire and stuck it the clay for the lady bug’s antennas.

Step 4) I used the hot glue gun to put the clay heads onto the lady bugs and let dry!

Step 5) done! We had a family of bugs to play with!!!

We have also done this to make other insects such as spiders! Use your imagination!





5) Pooka Dot Craft 

This last one is not really an art project but was fun to play with stickers and colours!

Supplies needed: paper both white and coloured sheets, coloured stickers (I found these at the dollar store in the office section), marker and tape.

First we did it by colour.

– I wrote the names of the colours on the coloured paper and then tapped up four different coloured paper on the wall. Then had my daughter match the stickers to the coloured paper.

– next we wrote her name on different pieces of paper. One letter per page. I wrote the letters of her name on the stickers and she had to match the stickers to the paper again but with letters this time.

– last we did the same thing as the letters but with numbers.

This was a huge hit! She loved stickers and was happy to do an activity by herself!

There you go. Five of my favourite crafts to do with my kiddos. Hope you can use some of the ideas for crafts at home.

Have fun!

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