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I’m a teacher, wife and mom of a very proud soon-to-be big sister. My blogs highlight the happy and humorous moments of parenting. I love music, writing, the outdoors and mommy-ing and I enjoy sharing how kids have a magical way of making favourite past-times like these even better

Winter with kids is a season of snowman building, sled rides, cute puffy coat pictures and pounds and pounds of stuff accumulating in the vehicle underneath your kids’ seats.  I call this the Winter Collection.

More stuff than usual has a way of sneaking its way into the vehicle during the winter months, and has a way of hiding away there, like pieces of lego in the couch, longer than it would remain there in the summer.  Do kids really require more nick-nacks in the winter than they do in the summer to stay entertained?  Are we that much more eager to make the trek in from the vehicle to the house in the winter without having kids kick off their boots and toss their mitts that we too often skip the clean up stage?  I’m sure there are multiple reasons why this collection of everything from run-away fruit chews to single puzzle pieces stacks up in the vehicle.  But the sheer amount amazes me.

I look back at the array of mitts that I bought with the assurance of “I proooommmmmiiiissee I’ll wear them” from my two-year old- only to have them promptly pulled off never to return to her cold little hands. I look at the granola bars that had taken everything I had, to be reached out of the backpack at a red light, only to be tossed to the ground seconds later.  But then I see the precious, random little creations like the coffee box carseat that has been sitting beside Little G for weeks now in preparation for her little sister or brother who she says will use it to sit right beside her when he/she is born.  And I see all of the pictures that she has drawn especially for certain people while we drive using her tiny little notepad and pen.

This collection is messy, yes.  And didn’t exist before kids.  But it is also a very real representation of life with kids, and how amazingly awesome, hilarious, and precious life with little ones is.  So if you have a winter collection going in your vehicle like me, try not to let it be a frustration.  Remember that it will get cleaned up.  And someday, you’ll have a perfectly tidy vehicle again and you just might wish there were a few fish crackers between the seats.




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