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This past weekend I had to explain to my daughter that dragons aren’t real.

My little 4 year old wanted to go for a walk in the forest to find a dragon and bring the dragon home. After a couple of weeks talking about this very special forest dragon search adventure, we are still talking about it. We walked to the park and looked for dragons, we took the dog for a walk and looked for dragons, we played outside in the backyard and looked for dragons. I thought this was just a game and we could use our imagination to go to the “forest”. Nope.

So enter the heart breaking conversation of “real” versus “not real”. She was completely heart broken. I had shook her world. How could dragons not be real?

I gave her a hug, and we talked for a bit. Then my little girly turned to me with tears in her eyes and said, “It’s okay mom, I will take a talking squirrel then.”

WELL F*** Enter heart breaking conversation part 2.“I’m sorry hunny but talking squirrels aren’t real either.”

I felt like the WORST MOM EVER! I just about lied and told her we could go find a talking squirrel, but I didn’t want to have to take her to Disneyland this week (it’s a really busy week, maybe another week).

So I sat with her while she cried. And my heart felt happy. I was happy not because I’m a bit evil.. but because of her adorable innocence and beautiful imagination.  Plus, I was getting some good snuggles!

It makes me happy that right now at four years old my daughter believes ANYTHING is possible. I hope that I can show her that there might be some slight restrictions in life, such as no dragons, but that she can be and do anything she wants. I want her to know there is a world of possibility.

But after all of this, she doesn’t care! She has chosen to completely ignore me. Because really, the take away from our “heart breaking conversations”… is that it’s not about the dragons or about her believing me… it is about me believing in her.

So…. we are going for a walk in the forest looking for a dragon this weekend.  Wish me luck in my search for a nearby forest with some dragons. I hope the weather is nice, AND if you know of any forests with dragons or a talking squirrel, I would pay top dollar!

Believe in the impossible and enjoy the incredible imaginations of our little ones.

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