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My name is Teri and I’m the proud mama of a beautiful, busy, hilarious, brilliant toddler and am expecting my second son later this year. Being a mom is a challenging and beautiful adventure that nothing else in my life prepared me for. Luckily, I have an amazing husband who is there through all the ups and downs, awesome friends who are happy to share their parenting knowledge (or at least laugh with me through the chaos!), and an extended family who is always ready to help. I work as a marketing and communications professional, and love sharing my experiences as a mom.

 I wasn’t one of those people who always knew she wanted to be a mom. Some of my friends always planned to have a family, and were sure that was what they wanted. When I was younger it felt like something that sort of just happened to you when you were older, but as I moved through the different phases of my life, I realized that it’s something that you choose for yourself—and it isn’t always an easy decision.

Now that we have one little guy, and another one on the way, I have no doubt that it was the right path for my partner and me. I also see how much work it is, and totally respect the people who know it’s not the right decision for them. It’s definitely a life-changing choice, and one that each person should have the right to make.

All that to say—I love being a mom. But part of me, the part of me who was once unsure about having kids at all, worries about the balance of things. Since we welcomed our first little kiddo, I have made a concerted effort to maintain certain aspects of my life. My career. Time alone with my husband. Social time together with our couple friends. Solo time with my girlfriends. But at the end of keeping all of that afloat (to varying degrees of success), I find I’m left with very little time (or energy!) for my own pursuits.

The list of things that was always in the back of my mind or doodled down in various notebooks over the years has been nagging at me more lately, possibly because I know life is about to get even busier later this year when we bring home Baby 2. Where does being a mom, a successful professional, a friend and a wife leave me? The me that wants to write regularly, who wants to volunteer, who wants to sew more and get better at photography and discover passions I don’t even know exist yet?

Oprah once said, “You can have it all. Just not all at once.” And I gotta say, that lady seems to know what she’s talking about. Those words make sense to me on a logical level—but now I have to figure out how it applies to motherhood! I know I want my boys to make the time for the things they love, and I want to be an example of that for them. And that means spending time not only with them, but spending time growing that part of me that existed before I could even imagine how much I would love them, and love being their mom.




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