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My name is Teri and I’m the proud mama of a beautiful, busy, hilarious, brilliant toddler and am expecting my second son later this year. Being a mom is a challenging and beautiful adventure that nothing else in my life prepared me for. Luckily, I have an amazing husband who is there through all the ups and downs, awesome friends who are happy to share their parenting knowledge (or at least laugh with me through the chaos!), and an extended family who is always ready to help. I work as a marketing and communications professional, and love sharing my experiences as a mom.

We’re getting ready for our second son, and we’re at the point in the pregnancy where it’s starting to feel really real—in case the big tummy, fatigue, nausea and swollen feet weren’t clues enough! We’re less than three weeks away from my due date, which, incidentally, is right around the time when my first son decided he was ready to go and showed up early. There’s something about knowing that he could literally be born at any time—and be healthy—that really makes it hit home.

Since I’m a planner, we’re ready to go, at least in the most superficial sense of the word. Our hospital bags are packed, the bassinet is set up, the nursery is very nearly ready, the car seat is installed. If we had to, we could bring him home today and he’d have more than what he needs.

However, there are still moments when I’m not sure I’m ready emotionally or mentally for this big change. We’ve already been through the massive transition of going from no kids to one kid, and I know we will handle going from one to two as well. But there are times when I look at my first son and can’t imagine how we will possibly love a second as much. How we can be as thrilled with each little milestone as we were the first time around. How I can give up time with him so that I can feed and rock and cuddle a newborn, giving our new little man the level of attention that newborns require, and that our first was lucky enough to have, uninterrupted.

I’m hoping it’s a How the Grinch Stole Christmas type situation, and my heart, that already feels so full, will grow three sizes so it can accommodate even more love as our family grows. We know how blessed we are. It’s a problem that we’re lucky to have, but it’s a big thing that I’m still trying to wrap my head around.

I’m so excited to meet our newest addition, and I know his big brother will love him too—eventually! But for now, as the days and weeks speed up, I am trying to cherish those special moments with my first, the boy who made me a mama, and soak up his cuddles and giggles as much as possible, while he’s the only one vying for my attention.



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