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While lunch rooms are buzzing, elevators are more alive with conversation than usual and every car radio is tuned in on the commute to work, what do moms do the day after election?

They wake up to bright-eyed bushy tailed children whose opinions, moods, and priorities are unchanged.  And moms smile.

Then moms ask the kids who they think is the new leader of Canada, and kids strain to remember who the options were.  Moms give little prompts in full trivia game style, and the names are repeated back, with equal enthusiasm from the kids who are happy they got the names right.  Moms say the names again, reminding the kids to practice their “sh” sounds as they say  “Sheer” and their “tricky tr” sounds as they say Trudeau.  The kids try again, spitting a little with over-emphasis.  Then they scurry away as if that was the last of the discussion.

Moms tell the kids who the leader of the country is and they repeat it without much connotation or emotion besides the natural pre-school emphasis that comes with every second word.  Then they go back to their toys.

Moms write the word Prime Minister with pencil and get kids to trace it with red marker, and talk a little bit about what that person does.  Kids trace half the word and then start writing their Christmas list all over the page with scribbles and whirls of fake hand-writing.

Moms turn on the radio to hear a bit of the aftermath that comes with post-election day, but are in the room for only seconds before they are called to the bathroom to find their toddler wrapped up in toilet paper pretending to be the “new queen of Canada”.

Moms look at their kids and think about how important federal politics are in Canada, and the tremendous impact they have on our kids. But moms also look at their kids and smile, considering how quickly this term of federal politics will go by, and how much will change in each child’s life as compared to the country.  There are big important things happening in the outside world, but there are a million small important things happening in the lives of our littles each day.

So the day after election, moms are moms.  They are a hundred times more important to kids than the new leader of the country whose name the kids strain to remember, and the impact moms have on their microcosm of society, their family, is more impactful than any leader could ever be.  So moms, as always, show their kids how much they love them, and it means more than any election ever could.



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