Does Signing with Children Delay Natural Speech and Language?

We have a great guest blog entry from Tanya with My Smart Hands Saskatoon addressing the commonly heard myth that teaching your baby, toddler, or speech delayed child baby sign language (ASL signs) will delay their verbal speech ____________________________________________________________________________________________ While at … Continue reading

Save on HappyFeet Sask Classes!

”Soccer Fun for Your Little One”What is HappyFeet? HappyFeet classes are age specific, fun soccer classes that utilize common children’s games, stories and songs to teach soccer skills, improve fitness, develop balance and enhance coordination. 20% Off Class Registration Promo … Continue reading

Welcome to the World

Our 2 year old is so excited – this afternoon we were in the front yard and her dad noticed a birds nest, with a Robin in it in the tree next to our front step. Addison loved the idea … Continue reading