Breastfeeding Struggles and How To Avoid Them – Guest Blogger

Breastfeeding Struggles and How To Avoid Them Breastfeeding your newborn can be a beautiful, convenient, peaceful bonding experience. It can also be a difficult, painful, frustrating, loose-your-mind-trying-to-make-it-work experience. Though breastfeeding is natural, it often doesn’t come natural to moms and … Continue reading

Does Signing with Children Delay Natural Speech and Language?

We have a great guest blog entry from Tanya with My Smart Hands Saskatoon addressing the commonly heard myth that teaching your baby, toddler, or speech delayed child baby sign language (ASL signs) will delay their verbal speech ____________________________________________________________________________________________ While at … Continue reading

3-4 Years: Speech-Language Developmental Milestones and Fun Activities that Foster Speech-Language Growth

We have another guest blog entry from Kara Broks, a Registered Speech Language Pathologist with Speech Language Network. This entry focuses on Speech-Language Developmental Milestones for children aged 3-4 years and different fun activities you can do with your child … Continue reading