I very much enjoyed the course. I wish I would have taken it earlier when I had my first child. ..Very educational and there are so many things you as a parent just don’t think about. Great Course. I feel a little bit more comfortable with baby for sure that if something goes wrong I can be prepared as much as possible and just a peace of mind that I do know steps to follow in case of emergency. Thank you

– September 2016 Gisela, mother of 3


The infant and child emergency class was very beneficial for me as I learned a lot on how to care for my children and it so happened shortly after I had to use one of the techniques I learned as my son was chocking and I thought I would scared and not sure what to do but what I had learned kicked in right away and was able to help him right away and I felt better being able to do that.
– Tamara

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Infant and Child Emergency Care Course – January 2018

Infant and Child Emergency Care Course “Thank you very much for the great course. You played a part in potentially saving my children’s lives. And others too. After taking the course I firmly believe every human should have it.” March More Info »
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by jennievessey