No Resolutions – But Time To Organize

Well a new year has begun.  I no longer make resolutions, however the start of another 365  days makes me want to improve upon my life.

I have found out that as my little girl gets older, she requires even more attention.  Sure she is able to (sometimes) occupy herself, but for the most part – the hubby and I are also her playmates at home.

With that being said our adult life has become a bit chaotic.  Gone are the days of the spic and span household.  It is tiring trying to get a workout in.  And staying up late to work on my Social Media Certificate is quite challenging.

My immediate goal (for January) is to devise and follow an organizational schedule. I’ve created a 30 Day schedule for the home.

An example of a daily organization list.

An example of a daily organization list

They are small, doable feats that are no longer than half an hour. As I list and number my tasks I no longer feel overwhelmed.  I’ll let you know how this  method worked for me.

I’m interested to know how do you achieve organization for life at home?

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I'm Dee, Mommy to two year old LB and I live in Scarborough - the Highland Creek region. If you were on maternity leave in 2013 you probably heard that got over 300 moms together to hang out with me in the community when I was off for a year. I love engaging Moms and the ones to be with fun, educational and interactive events which lead to peer support. I'm looking forward to bringing mothers and their little ones together. Can't wait to meet you!

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