How To Dress Your Post Baby Body


Guest Blogger: Cherene Francis – Aura Image Consulting

You didn’t think your body shape was going to be drastically different after pregnancy. You knew your body would change, but not this much! Although you will lose most of your baby weight a few weeks after childbirth, there are still remaining challenges with spot areas on your body. Read on to learn how to dress your post baby body shape.

Weight Gain

For the appearance of weight-loss:

  • Don’t focus on the dress size as this will vary between brands.
  • Avoid fitted clothing and try flowing fabrics.
  • Experiment with casual day wear dresses that flow over your curves like a wrap dress.
  • Start implementing an exercise routine and balanced diet.

Large Hips

To minimize your hips:

  • Wear dark or muted colors and prints on your pants, skirts and bottoms.
  • Wear classic cut pants: straight cut, boot cut, trouser fit.

Large Butt

To minimize your buttocks:

  • Don’t wear bottoms with obnoxious pockets or logos on the behind.
  • Black, navy and any dark colored bottoms help.
  • You can wear skinny jeans, but you’ll need to wear a long loose top over it.

Mummy Tummy

This post pregnancy body challenge is due to excess skin and all the stretching during pregnancy.

To conceal your mummy tummy:

  • Wear tops that conceal your tummy: empire waisted tops, t-shirt blouse, ruched torso tops, balloon tops and kaftans
  • Wear maternity pant that have the built in stretch band or wear a tummy shaper


Empire Waisted Top


T-Shirt Blouse


Ruched Top from


Balloon Top from


Kaftan from

Saggy Breasts

For an instant push up invest in a custom-made bra. This is the best way to go.

Big Feet

To Hide Big Feet:

  • Wear solid neutral colors.
  • Wear shoes the same color of your skin.
  • Wear heels with an arch as it gives the illusion of a smaller foot.

Flat Butt

Boost your Butt::

  • Wear large pockets on your behind.
  • Looser fitted pants can also help to add some bulk.
  • Wear short to medium long  skirts with pleating and extra layers

Large Breasts

Breast Minimizer:

  • Avoid too much fuss around your upper body, such as ruffles and puffed shoulders or any tops with lots of details around your bust.
  • To balance your body, wear classic tops with a v-neckline.
  • Invest in a custom made bra.

Don’t get hung up on your post pregnancy body shape. The important thing to remember is that your body just went through a traumatic experience of creating a human being. Be happy with your body and use these tips to look and feel better.

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