Love Child Organics Review

For some Little Ones (LO) transitioning to solids is not always the easiest task. I know my LO is always giving me a hard time when it comes to meal time. Dinner time used to be my favourite meal of the day but now I’m just praying that my LO will just eat one bite! She is now 9 months and I can see her desire to transition from purees to real food. The Love Child Organics Savory Baby Food line allows your LO to transition smoothly by slowly introducing a chunkier texture and rich new flavouring into the meal. She was a little unsure at first but over time and after trying multiples of the 4 new flavours, dinner time has transformed back into the family bonding experience it should always be.


Being a huge fan of Love Child Organics before reviewing these new textured flavours, I knew they would be affordable and easy to find in the grocery store. Love Child Organics is an affordable and tasty option (I’ve tried some myself), when my family is on the go. Most of the flavours contain 3g to 5g of protein in them which is very important to start introducing to your LO at this age. I’m the type of mom who is very proud of cooking almost all her LO’s meals but as a busy family we need to depend of bought foods at times to get us through the week. By using Love Child Organics I don’t worry about if my LO is getting everything she needs.


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