Fight Germs with X3

farleyco Winter is here! With the cold comes sniffles, snot and lots of hugs.  Whether your traveling to a friends house or traveling on a plane hand sanitizer is on the packing list. While one is busy having so much fun, who really wants to run to the bathroom every 5 minutes to wash their hands? Well, thanks to the X3 Clean Hand Sanitizer by Farleyco, the tots get that super clean finish which is (by the way) fragrance and alcohol-free!

My toddler also loves to try to push the spray nozzle which again adds to its ability to go anywhere with you. It’s sleek small design fits right into your toddlers hand. The X3 Clean is fragrance and residue free, non-stinging and completely safe for the kiddies to use which is wonderful since harmful germs frequently fly between toddlers in their busy, sleepless lives, it’s good to know that the germs are being killed in just one or two sprays. You can get 200+ sprays in every 8ml bottle so it should definitely last awhile.

As I pack to get ready to go away on christmas vacation. This is my first choice sanitizer due to its triclosan free content, one doesn’t have to worry about all the cancer-causing attributes triclosan has. It was a definite hit with the moms in my classes and it’s something I will definitely place in my toddler’s backpack when she goes off to preschool!20161206_065001

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