Meet The Director


Hi Scarborough! My Name is Rhea Howley and I am your new Scarborough Director. Scarborough is such a rich and diverse community that I know would benefit from such a fantastic program.

Becoming a mother was an exciting nerve wrecking and life changing process for me. Motherhood changed my perspective on everything and also showed me that it can be a lonely journey, when the right connections aren’t made. My own lonely feelings are what sparked the passion to connect with other moms and connect them to more moms. This cycle of connection is what I believe builds your confidence, makes us happy and makes the journey of motherhood that much lighter.

Growing up in Scarborough I know that we are a diverse community with many needs. I also understand the shift in responsibilities when your time and budget are limited it can be overwhelming to figure out which activities will work best for you and your little one. This program allows moms and their babies to experience all kinds of activities in order to find the programs that best suited their interests!   Mommy Connections is the perfect fit!

The birth of my daughter has allowed me to become more connected to my husband, my family, my friends, and my community, and I want to help other new moms make the most of this precious time that they have with their new addition.