X3 Clean –”Soap and Water” On the Go for Busy Kids.


At the end of the day, I can measure the amount of fun my kids have had with the amount of dirt they have brought home.  Kids and dirt go hand in hand, that’s part of life.

There are times – in the yard, playground or at a restaurant – when a little friend comes by, runny nose and coughing, and you get that sinking feeling. The answer seems simple – wash your hands to reduce the risk of infection and illness.  Knowing that 80% of all infections are transmitted by the hands*, you might want to have something quick and convenient nearby to reduce the risk of germ transmission.  Yet the reality is life is busy, and access to soap and water isn’t always possible.

Moms, allow me to introduce you to X3 Clean Hand Sanitizer. Parent Tested and Parent Approved, X3 Clean has a gentle, alcohol free, fragrance free, foaming formula that leaves hands free of any sticky residue and your skin soft, moisturized, and most importantly – germ free. In fact, X3 Clean kills germs in less than 15 seconds when hand-washing isn’t possible.

X3 Hand Sanitizers are easy and convenient to use. It comes in different sizes for different needs including a 250ml bottle, a smaller 75ml portable, and purse-sized 8ml pocket sprays that pump so you can easily rub it into your hands to disinfect right away. (There is also the mega-sized 1L for heavy traffic areas.) The X3 Hand Sanitizers are a great option for children, as it is non-toxic, alcohol-free and non-drying to the skin. It is a great way to keep your hands clean of germs and bacteria in between hand washing and to avoid getting sick during cold/flu season.

You can find X3 Clean Hand Sanitizers at Shoppers Drug Mart and select Walmart, IDA, Guardian, Overwaitea, Peoples Drug Mart and Value Drug Mart retail stores. Find more information by clicking HERE.

X3 Clean Hand Sanitizer was available to all of the Moms at our last Mom and Tot Class at the indoor playground at the Kinsmen Leisure Centre in Sherwood Park. With so many kids climbing, coughing etc, X3 Clean Hand Sanitizer was a welcome addition. Each mom also received a free sample to take home for another “playground playdate”. A little piece of mind knowing your children’s hands are clean! kinsmen-1x3-at-kinsmen-1


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