It’s almost completely gone! Patches of itchy eczema!

It’s almost completing gone!! Ugly patches of itchy eczema on my elbows, shins and back on my neck! I visited Vital Health Naturopathic Clinic the other week and finally got tested. Surely if patches of eczema were showing up on my skin, my body can’t be in balance and functioning as it should. Likely, some of the sulfates (wine), acids (tomato sauce) and other vinegary food that accompanied many appetizers that I enjoyed over the holidays were showing up on my skin.

The test, Dr. Lisa Clements (who is funny and very personable) took my pointer finger, dabbed a bit of water on it and then took a device that looked like your children etch a sketch pen and held it to my finger. If my eyes would have been closed, I would have felt someone holding my hand, that’s it. My 7 year old watched and asked question after question after question… so the result was that we both learned a lot.

The radio waves made noise in high pitched sounds as Dr. Lisa would adjust the dials on the testing machine while telling me what she was hearing. My histamine levels were high (pretty high), my copper and B12 were low.

This all made sense! My energy was low and no wonder, my B12 was low and the Eczema was simply a result of my histamines being high. When a mosquito stings you, the bite is red and bumpy because your histamines kicked in to fight the bad. Well my histamines were increasing to fight some of the “high histamine” foods that I was putting in my body.

Histamine rich foods include things like strawberries, avocado, pizza, wine (what! Don’t take my wine!), pineapple, processed meat (which I don’t really eat but it was probably on my pizza), vinegar (which I love) … anyhow, not all of these foods are bad for you, they are just high in histamines.

Histamine levels will vary based on the maturation process and the degree of freshness. The longer food is stored or left to mature, the greater its histamine content and the more problematic it can be for individuals with food sensitivities and intolerance.

Fresh meat contains no or very little histamine. However, when meat is processed further, the maturation process results in the accumulation of biogenic amines.

Happy Days!! The solution, I love when there is a solution! I left Vital Health with some Naturopathic medicine to break down my histamines, increase my B12 as well as my Copper levels. Dr. Lisa Clements even tested the medicine to ensure that it was going to work with my body (so no surprises). As soon as I got home I researched all the great foods that I wanted to focus on eating and those that I wanted to limit (not cut out entirely just cut back quite a bit). I increased my water take in by about a 100% and followed Dr. Lisa’s instructions.

That was 3 weeks ago and what was HORRIBLY uncomfortable at the time of my appointment is now small areas that are healing beautifully. The Naturopathic medicine is working. To soothe my skin, Flexitol – happy little bodies – Eczema Relief Cream is the winner! Flexitol is good for Mom and Baby and can be found at Walmart.

The happy ending is that as a Mom, no one really tells me what to do anymore; instead, it’s me who is supposed to know what to do, how to fix it and make it better. When I’m not functioning, how do I keep everyone else going? It was so nice to know that Dr. Lisa Clements at Vital Health Naturopathic Clinic could give me some answers. I enjoyed knowing that I had to make changes, eat healthier, drink less wine and more water. I’m down 10 pounds this week! All good things come to those who listen!

Want more Skin Talk? Stay tuned for my next Blog on Enzyme Masque Treatments offered at DMK Spa here in Sherwood Park!

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