So Many “Happy Faces” – A Fully Accredited Daycare


Happy Faces Childcare located at  F-65 Graham Rd in Sherwood Park (right beside the famous Nitza’s Pizza) has this name for a reason! I visited the daycare recently and all I saw were “Happy Faces”!

Happy Faces Childcare and After School Care is a fully Accredited Daycare. Accredited Child Care Service recognizes excellence in child care across Alberta. This recognition has been previously achieved by Happy Faces and has once again been acquired until 2019. If you want to learn more about the Accreditation Standards, Click here:

Accreditation gives parents piece of mind knowing that Alberta Government has set standards that the daycare is required to meet in order to achieve the accreditation. See standards briefly listed below:

Standard 1: Positive, supportive relationships and enriched physical and emotional environments foster children’s well-being and development.

Standard 2: Program planning and practices support every child’s optimal development in an inclusive early learning and care environment that incorporates the value and importance of play.

Standard 3: Relationships with families are supportive and respectful.

Standard 4: Child care programs create a supportive work environment to maintain a qualifed team of child care professionals and assist them in providing high quality child care services through its philosophy, policies, procedures, and practices.

Standard 5: Child care programs collaborate with community organizations and services to respond to the needs of children and families they serve.

Standard 6: Continuous quality improvement is demonstrated through ongoing self-monitoring and evaluation processes.

More detail on each of these standards can be found at: Alberta Child Care Accreditation Standards.

In addition to meeting Alberta Child Care Standards, Happy Faces really goes above and beyond. From Lego tables to sensory bins, crafts, painting and dance; the children at Happy Faces are never bored! The caregivers create a poster to show parents all of the great things that they are doing with the children.

Communicating with parents is very important to the staff at Happy Faces. Each day, parents receive a summary including topics such as what your child ate, nap times, bathroom/diaper changes, activities etc. So nice as a parent to be kept in the loop on your child’s day so that you can pick up where your caregiver left off!

Looking for full time, part time or other flexible options? Happy Faces has options for shift workers too. Call 780-467-1017 today for a tour



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