Are these Clothes for Me? Keylime Athletic Wear – sizes XS to XXL

 “Are these clothes for me”, one Mom asked at the Mommy Connections Mother/Daughter Painting Event that we held at KEYLIME Athletic Wear in the studio space upstairs. I replied, “are you a busy mom and do you like to be comfortable?” KEYLIME focuses on providing comfortable clothing for the EVERY body. With sizes ranging from X-Small to XX-Large, and styles including low to high rise, skinny to wide leg, short shorts to long pants. So yes, this clothing is for you!

Don’t work out? You don’t have to have a full fitness regime to wear KEYLIME Clothing. ALL Moms live busy lifestyles… heck, sometimes I get my workout cleaning the house, pushing the grocery cart across the parking lot and loading and unloading groceries. I’ve tried doing all of this in jeans or high heels after a long day of work and by the time I get home my skin is crawling and screaming saying, “get me out!” Comfortable clothing makes us all feel good and we need to feel good to accomplish what we’ve set out to do.

Quality counts! You can tell by now that I am a big fan of KEYLIME. I’m pretty picky in regards to what I spend my money on and recently I purchased some clothing from the store and it washes well, it’s super soft and the bright colours didn’t fade… always hang to dry of course – the dryer is EVIL to any fabric!

Price is important! Yes, it is especially once you are a mom and have children. It’s so much easier to just buy clothes for your kids because they are cheap and cute. Well at KEYLIME, yes, it’s a boutique store but the prices are reasonable. These are comfortable, fashionable clothes at a good price.

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