Summer Camps! Sherwood Park

It’s HERE! Summer is here! Give your children an opportunity to try something new or keep them busy while you are at work or enjoy some time “just for you”. Mommy Connections has the inside scoop on some awesome camps happening this summer. Whether you want to be part of a Rock Band at Crescendo Music Studios, sing and dance with Princesses in the Park or jump and splash the summer away with Salto Gymnastics, make 2019 the year to try something NEW!

Salto Gymnastics – Sherwood Park 

Discovery Camp at Salto Gymnastics, starts July 8th! Ages 5+ and runs 9a.m. to 4p.m. $341.00/week. Your child will feel like they have truly entered into SUMMER! This week includes Outdoor Games, Dress up Days, Treasure Hunt, Story Telling, Carnival Games, Interactive Games and More! Discovery Camps run ALL summer long! 

Jelly Beans Camp, starts July 15th! Ages 3 to 5 – choose from morning (9 to 11:30) or afternoon (12:30 to 3p.m.) – $115.50/week. More dates to choose from up to August 19th. This is a great opportunity for any little ones starting Preschool in the fall or those wanting to make new friends!


Princesses in the Park – Sherwood Park 

Princesses in the Park – starts July 2nd! Every Child wants to meet a Princess but how about spending a WHOLE week with one! Ages 5+ will enjoy singing and dancing the week away with a fashion show for parents to watch to wrap up the week! Parents can choose from morning, 9a.m. to 12p.m. or afternoon 1p.m. to 4p.m. for $150/week. July 2nd to 5th only $120/week.

Choose: July 2nd to 5th, July 8th to 12th, July 15th to 19th or July 22nd to 26th. See CTV News Clip on Princesses in the Park HERE

Crescendo Music Studios

Rock Band Camp! – July 22nd to 26th, 9a.m. to 4p.m. Ages 6 to 10 and 11 to 14 – $225/week. This camp is a high energy 5-day experience where everyone will learn how to make music together with instruments! Your children will play music on various instruments, design a stage back drop, enjoy a variety of art projects and outings, and prepare for a final Rock Concert on the last day to present to family and friends! Rock Band Camp has been a hit every summer! No previous music experience required!

Musical Theatre Camp! – August 12th to 16th, 9a.m. to 4p.m. Ages 6 to 10 and 11 to 14 – $225/week. This camp is for all levels of performers love to sing, act, and dance; in the theatre world these are called “Triple Threats”! The week will be full of high energy activities including theatre games, improvisation, singing, dancing, prop and costume creation, set painting, and even some other crafts and baking. Throughout the camp, we will work together to create a stunning musical theatre performance for our families on the final day of camp. Register HERE. 






Happy Faces Childcare – A Multicultural Daycare in Sherwood Park

Happy Faces Childcare is a multicultural daycare in Sherwood Park and is well known for providing quality care.

Owner Ranjit Toor has said, “having a centre that is multicultural is important for a child’s development”. “Introducing different cultures to the children shows them that their friends come from different places and believe in different things.”

Happy Faces welcomes children from any nationality or background and if the child is new to Canada, the staff will support and assist the children to develop the English Language. Happy Faces has staff who speak different languages so they may translate and speak your child’s “Mother Tongue”.

The caregivers at Happy Faces take the time to understand your child’s needs. Documentation is kept on the bulletin boards as reminders to the staff. Reminders include which children don’t like to ask to use the washroom to knowing which children are trying to master a new skill to the new words your child is trying to learn.

Happy Faces Childcare promotes diversity from the moment you pull into their parking lot. The doors to the entry way feature children of different backgrounds having fun with crafts and games. What you see on the outside is exactly what is happening inside!

Looking for full time, part time or flexible hours for shift workers, call Happy Faces Childcare today at 780-264-5463 or email Happy Faces at




Joyful Birth, Yes please! Book your Prenatal Class today.

Bethany Perry, a Certified Birth Doula and owner of Joyful Births Doula Services has been educating expectant parents for over 6 years (over 500 couples) with Mommy Connections Sherwood Park/Fort Saskatchewan and Edmonton. Having provided Doula Services and assisting with successful deliveries for so many births, Bethany is a great choice when looking to attend a prenatal education class.

Here is a special message from Bethany Perry, Certified Birth Doula:

More and more women are experiencing birth trauma not only physically but also emotionally. Women are reporting not feeling in control or respected during the birth process which leaves a lifetime of damage for a new mom. I wish I had attended a Mommy Connections Prenatal Class with the wide variety of topics and options to learn about 13+ yrs ago before the birth of my first child. Mommy Connections classes provide you not only with medical and natural options, but also provide topics for you to learn more about depending on what will work best for you within our current birthing system.

Here’s what a few of the 600+ expectant couples who have taken Mommy Connections Prenatal Classes have to say:

  • “I enjoyed the small group setting, it was very comfortable to ask questions and made the class feel more personal”.
  • “I really appreciated the breast pump demonstration, I have to admit the whole idea terrified me and now I feel much more comfortable”.
  • “My husband asked questions that I hadn’t even thought of asking”.
  • “It was so fun meeting other couples who were due all at the same time as us”.
  • “Very informative, covered all the major areas of birth process, after birth and newborn care”.
  • “I learned how to have a voice in the delivery room”.
  • “Such a great & informative class. We really enjoyed all of the real world experience & anecdotes. Honesty was really appreciated”.
  • “I loved the community I was introduced to with Mommy Connections and the awesome products and discounts too”.

Register today for Mommy Connections One Day Prenatal Class for you and your Spouse. Just $150 per couple which includes a SWAG bag full of products from our National Sponsors and Local Sponsors.

Register Here

Time2Sign – Your baby has a lot to say! Sherwood Park

Everyday Signs! Register today and learn to strengthen your child’s communication using 100% American Sign Language (ASL) with music and fun activities designed to engage even the littlest learners. With just a few simple signs, you can start communicating with your baby – even before they start to talk! Signing is fun, easy to do, and good for your child’s development.

Allison Black Stirling, co-owner of Time2Sign is a Speech-language Pathologist with over 16 years of experience working professionally to develop speech and language in young children. Allison is a certified instructor with the Signing Time Academy. She is also a mother who has witnessed the magic of signing with her own children and can’t wait to share it with you.

Time2Sign – Your Baby has a lot to Say!

Date: Thursdays, starting April 18th at 11:00a.m.

Cost: $130 (6 weeks)

Location: Paisley Lane Studios, located at Suite 221 – 41 Broadway Boulevard (parking lot is shared with Boston Pizza and Confetti Sweets)


Prenatal Classes – Mommy Connections Sherwood Park

See photo offer *only valid for Classes held in Sherwood Park

This one day Prenatal Class is a great way for you and your spouse to plan for the birth of your baby! Enjoy a comfortable environment where you can ask questions and meet other expectant parents. Our classes are interactive, engaging and educational.  The Prenatal Educator is Bethany Perry, owner of Joyful Births Doula Services. Bethany has been educating expectant parents in the Sherwood Park/Fort Saskatchewan and Edmonton areas for over 8 years and our participants continuously say, “Bethany prepared us for our new job as parents”. This is a class even Dads like!

Only $150/Couple (you and a guest)

Something Special for you – Each couple receives a SWAG bag full of products and promotions from our National and Local Sponsors such as Pampers, Munchkin, Medela, Baby and Beyond, Vital Health Naturopathic Clinic, Mexico Lindo and more!!

New Born Photoshoot – Each couple will receive 10% off a New Born Photo Session with B. Quinn Photography! Mommy Connections partners with only the best in our community!

Session Time: 9:00a.m. to 3:00p.m. (sometimes we finish up early)

Location: Vital Health Naturopathic Clinic is a comfortable inviting environment in Sherwood Park. Mommy Connections works with many businesses in Sherwood Park to offer our participants the best learning experience. A location and reminder will go out to participants a few days before class.


Understanding Pain in labour: Stress & its Effects
Comfort Measures and Stages of Labour
Birth Preferences: Know your Options
Packing your Hospital Bag
Induction & Assisted Delivery
Medical Pain Relief Options
Caesarean Birth: What to expect
Informed Consent: Communicating with your Caregiver and Knowing your Rights
Breastfeeding and Newborn Care (Diapering options)
Postpartum & Your body

Other topics include: Car Seat Safety, Baby Sleep, Support for Parents

Please note, registration cancellations are subject to a $40 administration fee. See full Refund Policy.

To finalize your order, please see your cart in the bottom right of the website. *Schedule subject to change.

Price: $150.00 Price is for you and your spouse (or guest).

Register HERE 

Little Kickers Soccer – Start any Saturday – Ages 18 months to 7 years old


Little Kickers Soccer really caught my attention this year! The philosophy is PLAY not PUSH which is exactly what my daughter needed. The price is right too. Only $105 for 6 weeks and $192 for 12 weeks and you can start ANY Saturday. The kids get to have a lot of fun and the games are easy yet challenging. Many of the classes are themed, for example, one week was Zoo week where every activity is on the topic of animals. Games and movements include color matching, counting, using our body parts, dribbling, scoring goals and other age appropriate game play.

As a parent I also love that the Little Kickers Soccer program starts with learning each others names. Seeing that my child is getting to know the others in class is comforting (no need to have to join with a friend). Each class starts with passing the ball and introductions. It’s great that you can start any time as the weeks are rolling weeks. The classes currently run on Saturdays so you can start ANY Saturday and no matter when you start, you get your 6 or 12 weeks (no worrying that you have missed classes in this structure).

Parents are close to the gym floor! The set up is really cool. There is seating around the edge of the gym where parents can relax, high five their children, provide a drink of water, tie up a shoe and say encouraging words. Children are comfortable! Little Kickers Soccer Program offers a positive, fun environment. PLAY not PUSH! LOVE it!

Tip: My husband likes to go 5 minutes early and kick the ball with my daughter!

Start anytime! Enjoy the Little Years!

Check it out here: Little Kickers Sherwood Park!

Written by: Jennifer Cole, Director Mommy Connections Sherwood Park and Fort Saskatchewan.










Happy Faces Childcare – A Strong Focus on Health and Safety

The safety of your children is not taken lightly at Happy Faces Childcare in Sherwood Park. Owners Ranjit and Rob Toor are both actively present in the business. It is not uncommon to see both owners at Happy Faces fully engaged with their staff, ensuring that the facility is running smoothly.

Education: The Caregivers at Happy Faces are educated in Early Childhood Development, CPR and First Aid and they regularly attending in-house training. The Caregivers also ensure that they are communicating regularly with parents. The staff have created a board where notes are kept so they have reminders of where children are at developmentally. Notes on the board include things like, which child is shy to ask to go to the bathroom, what English words is another child working on, what makes your child feel included.

Security: Cameras are installed throughout the daycare and top management is able to view the play areas, kitchen and eating areas to see where help or training might be needed or assistance of any kind. The building is secure and the children inside are safe.

Training: The staff at Happy Faces regularly attend training to ensure there is continuous improvement in the business. Processes are documented and the leaders are held accountable for following them. Owners Ranjit and Ron Toor work hard to ensure that they have a high performing team.

Long Term Staff: Children at Happy Faces can count on the Caregivers to be there every day. Issues in business can arise when there is a high staff turnover and breakdowns in communication. The staff at Happy Faces are long tenured staff who care about the health and safety of your children.

Activities: Happy Faces offers an abundance of activities from lego tables to sensory bins, painting, dancing, singing, creating and more. Children also have the added benefits of visits from the Strathcona Public Library, Dance Instructors, Holiday Celebrations and more.

Contact: If you are looking for Childcare, Preschool, Out of School Care, Part Time, Full Time or Flexible care, call Happy Faces today for a Tour at 780-467-1017. Happy Faces Childcare located at  F-65 Graham Rd in Sherwood Park (right beside the famous Nitza’s Pizza).










Park Dental and Your Child’s Jaw Development

How is your child’s jaw developing and what is the impact on their quality of life?

-written by Dr. Ian Mah, General Dentist, Park Dental

Craniofacial development begins at day one of life. What is craniofacial development? It is a term describing the three dimensional shape of one’s head, face and jaws. From a dental perspective, this pertains to the structures of the face and jaws below the part of the skull that houses the brain. In the past, it was thought that the development of the shape, size and three dimensional relationship of the jaws was mostly determined by genetics.

In recent years, it has been shown that this previously held belief is not as large of a factor in jaw size development as previously thought. The environment in which the jaws grow and function plays a very large role in how much the craniofacial bones grow. This environmental influence refers to the constant and intermittent forces that play on the muscles, fascial tissues and the bone that makes up our chewing system. The direction, duration and strength of these forces have been shown to toggle the genes responsible for growth on and off. This phenomenon is called epigenetics.

Recent knowledge has shown that children growing up in the modern world are subjected to growth altering influences such as baby bottles, pacifiers, sippy cups with non-spill valves, etc.. Further influences such as pureed baby foods, soft foods, high calorie diets, poor posture, mouth breathing and many others, continue to negatively influence craniofacial development. Why is this important? The bones that comprise the upper jaw forms three of the four walls of the nasal airway and the bones that comprise the lower jaw forms the scaffold that supports the shape and size of the oropharyngeal airway. If these bones are underdeveloped, we see some of the common symptoms that affect as many as 70% of our children and adults today. These symptoms are small jaws, crowded teeth, nocturnal grinding of teeth, TMJ disorders, snoring and obstructive sleep apnea, poor academic performance and behavior similar to ADHD.

Archaeological studies have shown that as short as 150-200 years ago, most people had larger jaws, straight teeth, enough room for the wisdom teeth and much better ability to breathe. This trend of craniofacial underdevelopment is quite alarming.

  At Park Dental, we screen patients for these abnormal growth patterns and offer options to effect corrective changes as the jaws are developing. The best is to correct epigenetic growth patterns early by correcting how we eat, what we eat, how we hold our posture, swallowing habits, facial muscle activation during swallowing or at rest, etc.. We have an in-house myofunctional therapist to help with this aspect of therapy. If we need further assistance in achieving a more normal growth pattern, we could introduce the child to dental development guiding devices such as Myobrace, an Australian invention that is tailored to address the abnormal functional issues while correcting the dental and jaw growth and alignment.

The Myobrace Program is an early interceptive orthodontic program that is easy to comply with and is fun to use. There are cartoon based activities that help to train away bad functional habits while replacing them with proper ones and then forming them into life long proper habits. There are portions of the program that addresses resting position of the oral and facial muscles, swallowing pattern, proper breathing techniques as well as posture. The Myobrace Trainer and Advanced devices are soft mouth pieces that resemble sports mouth guards. These are worn at night as the child sleeps and for one hour during the day. While wearing these devices, the jaws are positioned into proper alignment to guide the growth as well as gently aligning the teeth in the process.

The advantages of guiding growth while the child is growing has huge benefits such as being able to prevent the need for more complex orthodontics or jaw surgery to align the jaws later in life. More importantly, we can address the epidemic of craniofacial underdevelopment which has huge implications in upper airway restriction and obstructive sleep apnea which often shows up later in life.

The key risk factors to look for are:

  • lack of gaps between the front baby teeth or crowded teeth
  • deep overlap of the front upper with the front lower teeth
  • snoring, audible nose breathing or pauses in breathing at night
  • movement all over the bed at night
  • bed wetting when child is successfully using the potty during the daytime
  • weak chin
  • mouth breathing
  • inability to latch to breast feed in infancy
  • inability to speak clearly

There are other factors, but these are the easiest ones for parents to spot. If you suspect that your child or even you might have some of these factors that have stemmed from your childhood, please call us to schedule an examination to diagnose and explore treatment options.

Park Dental is located at 302-2018 Sherwood Drive, Sherwood Park Alberta T8A 5V3 (beside the Sherwood Park Mall). Dr. Ian Man, phone 780-467-2444.


Happy Faces Preschool Registration 2018/2019

Looking for a Preschool that offers an abundance of activities? Do you have a busy child who is curious and wants to learn? Happy Faces Preschool offers an active environment the includes crafts, lego table, pool table, sensory bins, dress up station, games and much, much more! The curriculum also offer French instruction.

Choose from programs on Tuesday and Thursday or Wednesday and Friday (8:30a.m. to 11:00a.m. and 12:30p.m. to 2:00p.m)

Call Happy Faces today for a Tour at 780-467-1017. Happy Faces Childcare located at  F-65 Graham Rd in Sherwood Park (right beside the famous Nitza’s Pizza).


Choice of Walk-In Medical Clinics in Sherwood Park

Looking for a walk in clinic? Need a referral? Emerald Medical Clinic is a great choice!

Emerald Medical Clinic is located inside Walmart at the Emerald Hills Shopping Centre.  It’s so nice to have a local family clinic where they remember your name. Emerald Medical Clinic is a walk in clinic that provides care for the entire family. I have taken all 3 of my children and the experience is good everytime. In fact, my youngest kept asking if she could go back to the doctor! The Receptionist gave my daughter stickers, aka, the key to little ones hearts!

The office staff is all very professional and there is a nice seating area as well. And it’s clean! This is unique for me, normally I feel like I can’t touch anything when I’m at a medical clinic. Emerald Medical Clinic appears to take pride in all areas of the business. One of the best parts is that there are low wait times and if the wait is going to be a few minutes then you are offered a pager so that you can shop while you wait!

Emerald Medical Group provides high-quality, medical care right in your neighbourhood! When you come to Emerald Medical Clinics you’ll be treated by licensed medical professionals who are on-site every day, including doctors, nurses, and technicians. This guarantees you receive the highest quality medical care.

There are 3 locations to server you:

Emerald Medical Clinic – Sherwood Park
Inside WalMart
7000 Emerald Drive
Sherwood Park, Alberta

Phone: 780-638.5008

Emerald Medical Clinic – Albany
Inside WalMart
Albany 16940 127 Street,
Edmonton, Alberta

Phone: (780) 665-1760

Emerald Medial Clinic – Tamarack
Inside WalMart
775 Tamarack Way N.W.
Edmonton, Alberta

(780) 643-8733