Are these Clothes for Me? Keylime Athletic Wear – sizes XS to XXL

 “Are these clothes for me”, one Mom asked at the Mommy Connections Mother/Daughter Painting Event that we held at KEYLIME Athletic Wear in the studio space upstairs. I replied, “are you a busy mom and do you like to be comfortable?” KEYLIME focuses on providing comfortable clothing for the EVERY body. With sizes ranging from X-Small to XX-Large, and styles including low to high rise, skinny to wide leg, short shorts to long pants. So yes, this clothing is for you!

Don’t work out? You don’t have to have a full fitness regime to wear KEYLIME Clothing. ALL Moms live busy lifestyles… heck, sometimes I get my workout cleaning the house, pushing the grocery cart across the parking lot and loading and unloading groceries. I’ve tried doing all of this in jeans or high heels after a long day of work and by the time I get home my skin is crawling and screaming saying, “get me out!” Comfortable clothing makes us all feel good and we need to feel good to accomplish what we’ve set out to do.

Quality counts! You can tell by now that I am a big fan of KEYLIME. I’m pretty picky in regards to what I spend my money on and recently I purchased some clothing from the store and it washes well, it’s super soft and the bright colours didn’t fade… always hang to dry of course – the dryer is EVIL to any fabric!

Price is important! Yes, it is especially once you are a mom and have children. It’s so much easier to just buy clothes for your kids because they are cheap and cute. Well at KEYLIME, yes, it’s a boutique store but the prices are reasonable. These are comfortable, fashionable clothes at a good price.

Interested in the FULL KEYLIME Athletic Wear Story? Click HERE to read more.







Mother/Daughter Painting Event – Friday, June 23rd (FULL)

Come and paint with Little Hive Creative Studio Owner, Jolene Tames!

Finish up the busy school year with a night just for two! Mother and Daughter (ages 6 and up) will create an 11 x14 Canvas Painting of 2 whimsical birds symbolizing the special bond between Mothers and Daughters.

Jolene, owner of Little Hive Creative Studio has a degree in both Art and Design and Elementary Education from the U of A. and has two little boys ages 6 and 2. Jolene’s passion is helping children learn to create!

Price: $65 for 1 canvas (maximum 2 people – Parent and Youth – ages 6 and up).

Date: Friday, June 23, 2017

Time: 6:00p.m. to 8:00p.m.

Location: Keylime Athletic Studio located at 2693 Broadmoor Blvd #100, Sherwood Park. Parking is located in the front or back of the building and participants may enter through the side door and then proceed up the stairs.

Fruit/veggie light snacks will be served.

Bring your camera as this is a great opportunity to capture memories!

Cancellation: Prior to the event cancellations are subject to a $20 administration fee. No refunds 48 hours prior to the event.

Mommy Connections introduces you to programs and services in your community. Our classes provide a unique learning opportunity as well as a fun way to bond with your children and other moms in a social environment.

Salto Gymnastics Preschool Registration is happening now!

Register today to save your spot for 2017/2018 school year!
Call 780-449-1518 or email Preschool Director, Kerri Cowell


– 3 year old classes include T/Th 10:00-12:30
– 4 year old classes include your choice of M/W/F 10:00-12:30 or M/W/F 12:30-3:00 or
T/Th 12:30-3:00 class.

Prepare your children for a smooth transition into Kindergarten! Salto Gymnastics Preschool aims to provide a gymnastics and educational program that focuses on the total well-being of each child, in an atmosphere of movement, fun and play. 

Our preschool day includes a semi-structured, safe, and positive environment that balances child-directed and adult-directed activities. Activities and lessons focus on the whole child and cover physical, intellectual, social and emotional development.

Our Objectives:

  •   To teach the children Fun, Fitness and Fundamentals as outlined in the Canadian Gymnastics Program.


  •   To provide a quality program of activities that will enable the development of the whole child.


  •   To prepare the children for a smooth transition into Kindergarten. 

Happy Faces Childcare – A multicultural daycare in Sherwood Park

Happy Faces Childcare is a multicultural daycare in Sherwood Park and is well known for providing quality care.

Owner Ranjit Toor has said, “having a centre that is multicultural is important for a child’s development. Introducing different cultures to the children shows them that their friends come from different places and believe in different things.”

Happy Faces welcomes children from any nationality or background and if the child is new to Canada, the staff will support and assist the children to develop the English Language. Happy Faces has staff who speak different languages so they may translate and speak your child’s “Mother Tongue”.

The caregivers at Happy Faces take the time to understand your child’s needs. Documentation is kept on the bulletin boards as reminders to the staff. Reminders include which children don’t like to ask to use the washroom to knowing which children are trying to master a new skill to the new words your child is trying to learn.

Happy Faces Childcare promotes diversity from the moment you pull into their parking lot. The doors to the entry way feature children of different backgrounds having fun with crafts and games. What you see on the outside is exactly what is happening inside!

Looking for full time, part time or flexible hours for shift workers, call Happy Faces Childcare today at (780) 467-1017 or email 



So Many “Happy Faces” – A Fully Accredited Daycare


Happy Faces Childcare located at  F-65 Graham Rd in Sherwood Park (right beside the famous Nitza’s Pizza) has this name for a reason! I visited the daycare recently and all I saw were “Happy Faces”!

Happy Faces Childcare and After School Care is a fully Accredited Daycare. Accredited Child Care Service recognizes excellence in child care across Alberta. This recognition has been previously achieved by Happy Faces and has once again been acquired until 2019. If you want to learn more about the Accreditation Standards, Click here:

Accreditation gives parents piece of mind knowing that Alberta Government has set standards that the daycare is required to meet in order to achieve the accreditation. See standards briefly listed below:

Standard 1: Positive, supportive relationships and enriched physical and emotional environments foster children’s well-being and development.

Standard 2: Program planning and practices support every child’s optimal development in an inclusive early learning and care environment that incorporates the value and importance of play.

Standard 3: Relationships with families are supportive and respectful.

Standard 4: Child care programs create a supportive work environment to maintain a qualifed team of child care professionals and assist them in providing high quality child care services through its philosophy, policies, procedures, and practices.

Standard 5: Child care programs collaborate with community organizations and services to respond to the needs of children and families they serve.

Standard 6: Continuous quality improvement is demonstrated through ongoing self-monitoring and evaluation processes.

More detail on each of these standards can be found at: Alberta Child Care Accreditation Standards.

In addition to meeting Alberta Child Care Standards, Happy Faces really goes above and beyond. From Lego tables to sensory bins, crafts, painting and dance; the children at Happy Faces are never bored! The caregivers create a poster to show parents all of the great things that they are doing with the children.

Communicating with parents is very important to the staff at Happy Faces. Each day, parents receive a summary including topics such as what your child ate, nap times, bathroom/diaper changes, activities etc. So nice as a parent to be kept in the loop on your child’s day so that you can pick up where your caregiver left off!

Looking for full time, part time or other flexible options? Happy Faces has options for shift workers too. Call 780-467-1017 today for a tour



The world’s most advanced skin care Line – Now in Sherwood Park!

Customers over the years said, “facials are great and relaxing but I want anti-aging, tighter skin, less age spots”. For this reason, the owners at DMK Skin Centres have purchased the rights to DMK Skincare and have brought this famous line of Skin Care to Sherwood Park!

DMK founder Danné Montague-King has been at the forefront of paramedical skin revision treatments for over 40 years! DMK believes that most skin conditions stem from a disharmony within the skin. Using the principles of biochemistry and natural pharmacology, DMK has developed treatments and products designed to nurture the skin to perform like youthful, healthy skin.

My experience at DMK Skin Centres in Sherwood Park was amazing. The Enzyme Masque Treatment was different than anything that I have ever experienced. At first, the masque feels like a thick cleanser that develops into a typical mud masque. After a few moments, the masque feels like it comes ALIVE, drying and pulling the skin back towards the scalp, giving your facial muscles a workout. A pulsating action then occurs. Jessica Laidlaw, DMK Skincare Regional Manager explained that this “reverse osmosis” process draws out toxins and fluids from your skin, removing dead skin cells, activating collagen in the skin and bringing fresh oxygenated blood and nutrients to skin cells.

My forehead especially seemed to have a glow (a glow that I only see on my friends who have had botox). My skin felt incredibly smooth and firm and I didn’t feel the need to exfoliate for weeks after. The Enzyme Masque Treatment really is very different from your typical relaxation facial. I honestly don’t know why I would spend the typical $130 on a “regular” relaxation facial from a spa ever again.

After your typical relaxation facial, I think most people are like me. Nose up to the mirror hoping to see clogged pores vanished (or at least most) and glowing skin, not the case. Typically, all I see from a relaxation facial is red skin and those black heads peaking out saying… “we are still here!!”.

The Enzyme Masque Treatment retails for $169.00 and this is NOT your typical relaxation facial. DMK has been able to bridge the gap between the medical and aesthetic world, DMK’s revolutionary products and concept of Remove, Rebuild, Protect and Maintain allowing them to achieve results that have baffled doctors and cosmologist for years. DMK is able to Remove dead and dysfunctional skin cells, Rebuild the strength and integrity within living, healthy skin cells, Protect against external assaults by enhancing the skins natural immune system, and finally, Maintain the new health of your skin.

While, DMK Skincare has amazing results with age management concerns, they are able to combat and provide relief from many other skin conditions, such as acne, exzema, rosacea, dermatitis and psoriasis, just to name a few. Although many clients come for facial treatments, they are able to complete a multitude of body tretments that target skin conditions or other skin concerns like stretch marks, loose, sagging skin and scarring.

A recent addition to the DMK Skin Centres line of treatments is their Hydra-Dermabrasion. Similar to traditional microdermabrasion, but with the hydration benefits of purified water and serums, that help to mitigate the abrasiveness and drying effects of traditional microdermabrasion.

Choose from Anti-Aging, Enzme Masque, Hyper Pigmentation, Acne and Muscle Banding Treatments ranging from $169 to $218. DMK Skin Centres, Formerly known as Haven Spa is located at 49 Beaver Brooke Estates, Sherwood Park, AB. Just a short drive up Baseline heading East onto township road 520 (about 5 min) until you reach Range Road 223 where you turn right and then take your first right into Beaver Brooke Estates just up the road you will see #49 on your left with a sign that says: DMK Skin Centres.

For a limited time, DMK Skin Centres is also offering FREE 30 minute Micro Treatments. Call (780) 922-6875 or email to book your appointment today. Or visit to learn more about your skin through their blog and about DMK Skincare.

It’s almost completely gone! Patches of itchy eczema!

It’s almost completing gone!! Ugly patches of itchy eczema on my elbows, shins and back on my neck! I visited Vital Health Naturopathic Clinic the other week and finally got tested. Surely if patches of eczema were showing up on my skin, my body can’t be in balance and functioning as it should. Likely, some of the sulfates (wine), acids (tomato sauce) and other vinegary food that accompanied many appetizers that I enjoyed over the holidays were showing up on my skin.

The test, Dr. Lisa Clements (who is funny and very personable) took my pointer finger, dabbed a bit of water on it and then took a device that looked like your children etch a sketch pen and held it to my finger. If my eyes would have been closed, I would have felt someone holding my hand, that’s it. My 7 year old watched and asked question after question after question… so the result was that we both learned a lot.

The radio waves made noise in high pitched sounds as Dr. Lisa would adjust the dials on the testing machine while telling me what she was hearing. My histamine levels were high (pretty high), my copper and B12 were low.

This all made sense! My energy was low and no wonder, my B12 was low and the Eczema was simply a result of my histamines being high. When a mosquito stings you, the bite is red and bumpy because your histamines kicked in to fight the bad. Well my histamines were increasing to fight some of the “high histamine” foods that I was putting in my body.

Histamine rich foods include things like strawberries, avocado, pizza, wine (what! Don’t take my wine!), pineapple, processed meat (which I don’t really eat but it was probably on my pizza), vinegar (which I love) … anyhow, not all of these foods are bad for you, they are just high in histamines.

Histamine levels will vary based on the maturation process and the degree of freshness. The longer food is stored or left to mature, the greater its histamine content and the more problematic it can be for individuals with food sensitivities and intolerance.

Fresh meat contains no or very little histamine. However, when meat is processed further, the maturation process results in the accumulation of biogenic amines.

Happy Days!! The solution, I love when there is a solution! I left Vital Health with some Naturopathic medicine to break down my histamines, increase my B12 as well as my Copper levels. Dr. Lisa Clements even tested the medicine to ensure that it was going to work with my body (so no surprises). As soon as I got home I researched all the great foods that I wanted to focus on eating and those that I wanted to limit (not cut out entirely just cut back quite a bit). I increased my water take in by about a 100% and followed Dr. Lisa’s instructions.

That was 3 weeks ago and what was HORRIBLY uncomfortable at the time of my appointment is now small areas that are healing beautifully. The Naturopathic medicine is working. To soothe my skin, Flexitol – happy little bodies – Eczema Relief Cream is the winner! Flexitol is good for Mom and Baby and can be found at Walmart.

The happy ending is that as a Mom, no one really tells me what to do anymore; instead, it’s me who is supposed to know what to do, how to fix it and make it better. When I’m not functioning, how do I keep everyone else going? It was so nice to know that Dr. Lisa Clements at Vital Health Naturopathic Clinic could give me some answers. I enjoyed knowing that I had to make changes, eat healthier, drink less wine and more water. I’m down 10 pounds this week! All good things come to those who listen!

Want more Skin Talk? Stay tuned for my next Blog on Enzyme Masque Treatments offered at DMK Spa here in Sherwood Park!

Brightpath Daycare – So many positive changes! Book your tour today!

Mommy Connections visited Brightpath Daycare this Winter and let me tell you, it was exciting!

Additional space, a new kitchen, new playgrounds and a new Director, Danielle Nelson (Leath Pennington was promoted to Regional Manager, congrats Leath!). Brightpath Daycare is one of Sherwood Park’s largest daycares and is located at 20 Main Boulevard, Sherwood Park T8A 3W8. Call 780-417-3444 to book your tour today!

So many great changes at Brightpath! Due to an increase in the number of children attending (and they of course get a little older each year), additional space has been added to accommodate infants, toddlers and preschoolers. If you are looking for childcare for 2, 3 or 5 days per week, Brightpath has it all!

A New Indoor Gym – a new indoor gym has been created where the children are engaged in the WeeMove™ program. This program is designed to engage children on multiple levels, to make learning fun and instill a love of movement. All children will participate in this program twice a day, four days a week. Brightpath also has new outdoor play spaces for WeeMove™ as well!

A New Director – It was clearly obvious how liked Danielle is by the children when I saw them stop what they were doing to talk to her and some even wanted cuddles! Danielle graduated in 2007 with an Early Childhood Education Diploma with Distinction from St. Lawrence College in Ontario. Upon graduation, Danielle relocated to Alberta where she worked in a variety of centres and operated a home daycare. In 2014 she moved back to Ontario to join the BrightPath team as the Director of the Appleby Centre. Now she is back in Alberta and has taken over the reins for BrightPath Sherwood Park.

Danielle’s favourite part about being a Brightpath Director is ensuring that her Centre runs smoothly and the children and staff are happy. It gives Danielle great pride to see her staff flourish, which ultimately helps the children flourish. Seeing the staff, children and parents excited to come to the Centre every morning gives her the most pleasure.

Renovated Kitchen – Parents can have peace of mind knowing that Brightpath has a clean, well- functioning kitchen to make healthy food for your children. See Brightpath’s weekly menu HERE. Days are packed with learning and play, children need proper nutrition to grow in both mind and body. Brightpath has partnered with a Registered Dietician & Nutritionist who has developed a menu that provides food fresh and prepared daily.

Thank you to Director Danielle Nelson for taking me on a tour of the facility and letting capture these pictures! Checklists galore… Brightpath is organized to ensure a safe, fun and engaging environment for all children!







X3 Clean –”Soap and Water” On the Go for Busy Kids.


At the end of the day, I can measure the amount of fun my kids have had with the amount of dirt they have brought home.  Kids and dirt go hand in hand, that’s part of life.

There are times – in the yard, playground or at a restaurant – when a little friend comes by, runny nose and coughing, and you get that sinking feeling. The answer seems simple – wash your hands to reduce the risk of infection and illness.  Knowing that 80% of all infections are transmitted by the hands*, you might want to have something quick and convenient nearby to reduce the risk of germ transmission.  Yet the reality is life is busy, and access to soap and water isn’t always possible.

Moms, allow me to introduce you to X3 Clean Hand Sanitizer. Parent Tested and Parent Approved, X3 Clean has a gentle, alcohol free, fragrance free, foaming formula that leaves hands free of any sticky residue and your skin soft, moisturized, and most importantly – germ free. In fact, X3 Clean kills germs in less than 15 seconds when hand-washing isn’t possible.

X3 Hand Sanitizers are easy and convenient to use. It comes in different sizes for different needs including a 250ml bottle, a smaller 75ml portable, and purse-sized 8ml pocket sprays that pump so you can easily rub it into your hands to disinfect right away. (There is also the mega-sized 1L for heavy traffic areas.) The X3 Hand Sanitizers are a great option for children, as it is non-toxic, alcohol-free and non-drying to the skin. It is a great way to keep your hands clean of germs and bacteria in between hand washing and to avoid getting sick during cold/flu season.

You can find X3 Clean Hand Sanitizers at Shoppers Drug Mart and select Walmart, IDA, Guardian, Overwaitea, Peoples Drug Mart and Value Drug Mart retail stores. Find more information by clicking HERE.

X3 Clean Hand Sanitizer was available to all of the Moms at our last Mom and Tot Class at the indoor playground at the Kinsmen Leisure Centre in Sherwood Park. With so many kids climbing, coughing etc, X3 Clean Hand Sanitizer was a welcome addition. Each mom also received a free sample to take home for another “playground playdate”. A little piece of mind knowing your children’s hands are clean! kinsmen-1x3-at-kinsmen-1

Choose a certified birth doula for your prenatal education

“If only I could do it again… with all that I know now!” So many moms say this after they have taken the time to understand the birthing process. With technology today, there are so many sources of information for prenatal education, the question is, who do you trust?

Bethany Perry, a Certified Birth Doula and owner of Joyful Births Doula Services has been educating expectant parents for over 4 years (over 500 couples) with Mommy Connections Sherwood Park, Edmonton and most recently Fort Saskatchewan. Having provided Doula Services and assisting with successful deliveries (30 plus births), Bethany is a great choice when looking to attend a prenatal education class.

Here is a special message from Bethany Perry, Certified Birth Doula:

Some say, “why plan how you want your birth to go because no one will listen or respect it anyway”. This is very sad to hear. While you can’t particularly plan your birth ahead of time, I believe that knowledge is power. I also do not believe the saying “what you don’t know can’t hurt you”, when it comes to your birth experience, it can hurt you greatly.

More and more women are experiencing birth trauma not only physically but also emotionally. Women are reporting not feeling in control or respected during the birth process which leaves a lifetime of damage for a new mom. I wish I had attended a Mommy Connections Prenatal Class with the wide variety of topics and options to learn about 13+ yrs ago before the birth of my first child. Mommy Connections classes provide you not only with medical and natural options, but also research topics for you to learn more about depending on what will work best for you within our current birthing system.

Here’s what a few of the 500+ expectant couples who have taken Mommy Connections Prenatal Classes have to say:

  • “I enjoyed the small group setting, it was very comfortable to ask questions and made the class feel more personal.”
  • “I really appreciated the breast pump demonstration, I have to admit the whole idea terrified me and now I feel much more comfortable.”
  • “My husband asked questions that I hadn’t even thought of asking.”
  • “It was so fun meeting other couples who were due all at the same time as us.”
  • “Very informative, covered all the major areas of birth process, after birth and newborn care.”
  • “I learned how to have a voice in the delivery room.”
  • “Such a great & informative class. We really enjoyed all of the real world experience & anecdotes. Honesty was really appreciated.”

Register today for Mommy Connections one day Prenatal Class for you and your Spouse. Just $135 per couple which includes a SWAG bag full of products from our national sponsors such as Playtex, Munchin, Pampers as well as local sponsors like State and Main, Cherish Hair Salon, Baby and Beyond and much much more!  Register Here