Welcome Moms of St. John’s!

Welcome to Mommy Connections St. John’s! I’m very excited to be able to bring Mommy Connections to St.John’s. When you’re a mom of a little one, connecting with other moms can make a huge difference to your experience of being a parent. There are so many awesome moms here in St.John’s, but sometimes it can be difficult to find or connect with other moms. Mommy Connections classes will provide St.John’s moms with a great way to form long lasting friendships. The structured format makes it easy for the group to bond. Since it’s the same group for the entire 8 weeks, moms tend to form really close knit ties.

Starting in March, we will be offering Mom and Baby classes. These classes will give you a sampling of the services St.John’s has to offer to new moms. Presenters from around the city will come in and provide demos and education. There will also be swag bags given to our moms with tons of cool baby products, as well as a photographer on hand to provide moms with a free mini photo session.

I had the opportunity to be a part of Mommy Connections when I was a new mom and living in Alberta, and it was an awesome experience. I think you’ll love the classes and connections you make!


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