Generations Of Staying Power

– Guest Blog Post From Kim Graydon, Associate Director Development of Glen Bernard Camp

The girls of Glen Bernard Camp are the best kind of girls.  They have single handily kept the GBC property buzzing for 93 years.  Why do they keep coming back?  Why do generations of Glen Bernard Campers stay connected to the camp?   In today’s busy, hectic, over stimulating world the answer is clear….COMMUNITY.

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Community at GBC is strong, inclusive, safe and embedded in a deep history.  An environment such as this allows girls to discover, observe, engage, flourish and ignite their “Third Factor”.   Quoting Dr. Peter Jensen, the “Third Factor is the factor of choice.  Simply put, the Third Factor is the important role that an individual plays in her own “becoming”.

You might be asking “How does GBC help girls come into their own”?  A thoughtful approach is taken when developing camp programs and the camp environment. Equipment, facilities and blocks of learning are designed to be achieved by the campers who will use them.  When a girl experiences accomplishment, she sees the potential for success in the next challenge.  There is a willingness to take a risk, to try another new skill, to make another new friend.  Her sense of who she is grows.  Her confidence builds.  A sense of belonging manifests.  Her tendency for leadership starts to emerge.    The possibilities are endless at camp.

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Girls at GBC have the opportunity to sail, kayak, canoe, climb in a high ropes course, horseback ride, play guitar or try their hand at pottery or woodworking.  They can learn about solar power, stargaze, make friendship bracelets, sing their hearts out, play a huge game of hide and seek and go on a canoe trip.  They will conquer fears, laugh their heads off, cry, self reflect, feel at peace, jump in jubilation and bear hug their cabin mates.  They will be who they are and we love watching it all unfold.

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Join the GBC Family.  We’d love to have you.  Visit us at

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