Boiron Made A Believer Out Of Me! A Review By CRUNCH Compass

– written by Charise Jewel, from CRUNCH Compass

I’ll admit I don’t know a heck of a lot about homeopathy. I’m a big believer in “whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger,” and over-the-counter meds, Band-Aids, bubbles, and popsicles have done me well over the years. So when Karen asked me to try these Boiron products, I’d say my reaction was lukewarm.

ArnicareBut since I have three munchkins regularly tripping, bonking and scraping their knees, I’m game to try anything for bumps and bruises. As expected, I didn’t have long to wait before our first testing opportunity. Five days before a major tournament, my little hockey player fell while standing up from the kitchen table, crushing his foot with his chair on the way down. Within minutes, his foot was so bruised and swollen that he could barely hobble to the couch. I reacted by pulling out Advil, an ice pack, and the iPad – it’s always the best distraction. Then I had my eureka moment and whipped out the Arnicare gel. He asked if it would hurt, didn’t flinch when I rubbed it in, and said it felt “relaxing.” He’s hyper-sensitive to needles, mosquito bites, and paper cuts, so this was huge. He didn’t want any more painkillers, but we continued with the gel for the rest of the week. By tournament time his foot was still tender but he played hard and his team won. Booyah stupid kitchen chair.


Less than a week later, I was running out the back door when I took one wrong step and turned over on my ankle. Luckily I wasn’t seriously hurt, but my ankle was still in some serious pain hours later, which was when I realized it was the perfect time to be my own guinea pig. I started with the tablets, which tasted powdery but dissolved so quickly I barely remembered to pop them under my tongue in time, and followed up with the Arnicare cream. It did feel relaxing, just like the gel, and the slight tingle continued for a few minutes, adding to the calming sensation. My ankle wasn’t miraculously cured, but it felt better the next day, and even better after a few more rounds of pills and cream. Which is great, because I’ve got better things to do than sit around elevating an injury.

Charise Family

We’ve since used Arnicare after my oldest tumbled from his bike, my toddler fell off her bed trying to figure out how to jump, and my hubby hurt his shoulder playing softball. I’m not sure if it’s the cream, the massage, or the nice bonding moment we share while healing a boo-boo, but whatever it is, we’re hooked. Now with back-to-school looming it’d be great if Boiron could figure something out for cold season. Oh, wait, they already did that. Nice.


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