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I’ve always considered myself a stylish person. I thought I knew the basics of what looks good/bad on my body shape and what pieces I need to appear put together. However, as I get ready to return to the workforce after 4 years and 2 babies, I realized that my body has changed. My lifestyle has changed. What I like has changed. Insert STYLE IVY, a dream come true for many women in my shoes. Their program, Style Foundations, is an interactive e-course that will motivate and inspire you to take ownership of your style.

I started out on my style journey in my first week back to work after 14 months of maternity leave. I found the content to be delivered in a very straight forward and easy to follow format. The site is enjoyable to navigate and it’s set up in a smart way with reading, videos, and photos that keep you engaged. There are a series of lessons, each with their own homework and worksheets. You can print them out and fill them in by hand (if you’re a writer like me!) or just edit them on a computer if you prefer to complete them electronically. The more thought, time, and energy you put into completing the modules the more you will learn and get out of the entire program. I found much of the first 9 lessons to be very reflective … What do you like to wear and why, what are your professional goals, what’s your lifestyle, who’s style do you admire, etc. The lessons on assessing your closet, finding the right shoes or perfect hairstyle were also full of valuable tips to keep your style journey simple.  Here I am with a new haircut after completing the hairstyle module:

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It’s one thing to know what type of skirt would suit you – it’s another to go the mall and find that style of skirt. Therefore, the one thing I would have also liked from the course is to know where someone with my size/shape and style should go to shop. After all, us mamas don’t have much time to browse. Although it was not included in the program, Lazina was quick to make some recommendations and in future an online community will be available for participants to share with one another. The course also includes a personal 1:1 phone call with Lazina. It was extremely valuable and was like a missing piece of my puzzle was found. She helped me complete the picture I was trying to build.  Here are 3 of the looks I created:

Style Ivy Look

Overall the course is very focused on discovering your professional style … think perfect fit suit, pumps, blouse, when it comes to wardrobe essentials. There is definitely overlap into your everyday but it has a very professional slant. Who do I think would best benefit from this program?  Someone who:

– Wants to build their confidence in a professional setting

– Is re-entering the workforce after a leave (long or short leave!)

– Is in a role where personal brand matters (arguably everyone!) specifically sales, public speaking, recruitment, etc

– Is new in their career, new in their industry, or new in a leadership role

What lessons did I learn?

  1. I had lost my groove! I had stale style that didn’t reflect the vibrant and creative person I feel like. The personal brand I left in the workplace and the style I was bringing back were not aligned.
  2. When you return to work with two kids you will have ZERO TIME to yourself …or if you do you’ll want to sleep! I wish I could have spent hours digging deep in my discovery, closet clean and shopping but it just wasn’t realistic. Be patient with yourself – it’s a journey.
  3. It can be a hard pill to swallow when you realize much of your wardrobe and everyday clothes need to fit you differently.
  4. Some of my favorite clothes (ie comfy ones) make me look heavier than I am! I am a very confident person but an unexpected part of my style journey was uncovering some body issues where more serious than I had thought. (Thankfully Lazina has built a confidence building program and her approach to all types of sizes and people is refreshing!!)
  5. I had way too many clothes and shoes cluttering my closet that I hadn’t worn in ages. It felt amazing to get rid of them!

I know how important personal style is in a professional environment. In my job I have seen the results accelerate careers or completely derail them. My problem was I no longer had a stylish professional look and I needed help to pull it all back together. Style Ivy helped me start this process and with a few more hours dedicated to cleaning out my closet and kid-free shopping time I think I will be on my way to discovering my style statement 2.0 with a wardrobe and confidence to match!

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Disclaimer: Style Ivy requested this review, however, no one can buy my thumbs up. I write authentic reviews and share my real feelings and opinions.

Written By Kirsti Stubbs, Mommy Connections Alumni

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About Our Blogger:  Kirsti is a Westcoast girl livin the dream in Toronto. When she is not busy chasing her one year old Mason or having a dance party with her almost three year old Stella she is blogging, baking, getting crafty, building her business or trying the newest restaurant with her girlfriends.

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