Looking For The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift? Check Out Fitz Frames!

My family and my husband’s family all live in BC and we are the lone wolfs in Ontario. Anyone who is familiar with grandparents not being around the corner knows our pain… Whether your family is a couple hours drive or a plane ride away you get it! Before kids we visited often and we worked a lot so it wasn’t so bad being on the other side of the country. Fast forward a few years and we now have two kids and have never felt so far away… we miss them often and wish they could be part of our kids lives more! FaceTime is good sometimes but let’s face it with toddlers those calls can be unpredictable and often end quickly when they move on to something else. We are fortunate they visit often but it isn’t possible to be here for every birthday or fly in for every recital. Even just an impromptu Sunday BBQ can’t be enjoyed together very often. So we take LOTS of photos and video clips and upload them to the iCloud when we remember. But if you asked the grandparents it’s not enough. So last week when I was introduced to the Fitz Frame I knew immediately it was going to be a huge hit with our grandparents…. Even the great grandparents!

Most of us probably had, gave or were given a digital frame over the past 5+ years so you’re familiar with the concept. Think of Fitz Frame as version 2.0. This frame allows you to take photos or video from your phone and instantly share them to a frame over wifi … So the grandparents sitting on the other side of the country can get photos in realtime! No downloading, printing, shipping required! {insert ohhhhah here!}

Reasons we love it:
– Instantly shares snaps from your phone to their frame
– They don’t need to be technologically inclined to use it
– The modern classic frame looks great in the home
– It’s easy to use and set up takes only a few minutes
– It’s fast and you can send them from wherever you are.

Keep in mind:
– It is technology so you might want to set up your frame before sending it to your 90 year old relative. It’s straightforward but if they wouldn’t operate a new app on their phone then you’ll need to do set up. Once they have it set up however nothing is required on their end.
– Compared to the price of printing and mailing photos, the price point of buying the frame will actually save you money in the long run.
– One frame hundreds of moments! This style of frame takes up the least space while sharing the most memories.
– All the other possibilities! I sent pictures of my daughter’s artwork the day she painted it and even shared a new recipe I wanted my mother in law to enjoy!

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My mother-in-law set up her frame the minute it arrived she was so excited and now our frames are linked so she can see my kids and I can see my nieces more often too! We both took some time getting familiar with the Fitz app on our phones and once we knew how it worked it was a simple process. You can upload 10 photos at a time and the process was about 1 minute.

I may be walking a little taller this week having knocked the “Mother’s Day gift for my Mother in law” out of the park! Is there anything better than giving a gift you know someone will truly love?

Get in on the gift giving action with 25% off all Fitz Frames this week for Mother’s Day at www.fitzframe.com. Use code: Mother’s Day at checkout!

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