The Stink Ends Here – Munchkin Step Diaper Pail Review

I was very excited to try the Munchkin Step Diaper Pail and see if it lives up to the saying “The stink ends here”.

It comes with an Arm & Hammer scent puck that you insert inside of the lid to help contain the scent of the diapers. The puck has a nice scent and is not overwhelming every time you open the lid. I put a lot of REALLY stinky diapers inside the pail to see how well it would work. No matter how many times I used the pail, I could not smell any dirty diapers!

The pail has a great design and is very sturdy. The foot pedal on the diaper pail is great (especially when you have really messy hands during a diaper change). When you close the lid, the bag tightens and keeps the stinky smells inside. The only thing that would change about the product is that you have to manually close the lid each time.


There are different bags you could use to hold the diapers; I used the bags that came in the diaper pail (where you tie a knot at the bottom). The diaper bags hold many diapers and are easy to replace. After using the foot pedal to open the pail, there is a button under the lid that unlocks the front compartment of the pail (this is great since baby cannot reach it). You swing the door open and slide the bag through the cutter, knot the top of the bag, and you’re done!


Overall, I am really impressed with the Munchkin Step Diaper Pail. I would recommend this product to every new mom!

Written By Marie, Mommy Connections Alumni

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