What’s stinking up YOUR house this holiday season?

If you have family outside Toronto, you might find yourself with lots of visitors over Christmas (whether they are welcome or not, is a topic for another blog post!).

The folks at Febreze asked me to share how I get my home ‘holiday ready’ for guests. I’ll be honest, my home is a long way from Pinterest-worthy most of the time so, rather than mislead you with tips that I would have to borrow from Martha Stewart, I’m going to give you a real-life tour of my abode – only instead of using your eyes, let’s take this tour with your nose!

Presenting 8 holiday stinks (which I will try and eliminate this season using Febreze):

  1. Hockey stink. Both the big man and little man in our family play hockey. Enough said, right moms?


  1. Hot dogs. I have volunteered to cook 200 hot dogs for my son’s school fundraiser and, let me tell you, that many wieners in a slow cooker for six hours does not make a house smell pretty.
  1. Pine cones. Pine is a nice smell when it comes from fresh boughs and candles – but not when it’s from the rotting “treasures” that find their way into our house every time my son goes outside.
  1. Stinky compost. I’m not much of a cook…and my family knows it. I am typically delegated to supplying the fail-proof mashed potatoes for our Christmas dinner. The plus side is that potato peels smell better than…
  1. Burnt turkey, the smell of which I’d almost certainly be covering up if I was in charge of Christmas dinner.
  1. Week-old bird. I host a Boxing Day turkey dinner every year (ordered from a restaurant because of #5). As good as the leftovers are for the first couple of days, things go downhill rapidly after that in the stink department.
  1. Breakfast in bed. Apparently the lack of culinary skills runs in the Davey DNA. Well-intentioned burnt pancakes have been known to show up when mommy gets to sleep in.
  1. Our furry family member. This cutie might be small but, believe me, she’s capable of producing some pretty big stinks.


So those are the stinks I’ll be eliminating this holiday season before visitors arrive. I’m pretty sure they’ll appreciate it – wouldn’t you agree? 😉 What about you? How will YOU be keeping your home fresh and stink-free for the holidays?

Check out the hilarious #12Stinks of the holidays video by Febreze:

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