LIVING IN THE ‘PRESENT’ – Choosing a career that suits you and your family

I dreamed of working in the movies since I was a little girl. The idea of being on a film set, creating a whole world around fictional characters, and making the ‘magic happen’ were always ideas that I wanted in my future. So that’s what I pursued and I got quite far. I worked my way up to become a set decorator in the industry (the youngest in Toronto at the time) and thought I was set for life living my dream job. But I didn’t realize that I was potentially giving up on the idea of having a family. Working 12-14 hours a day, under incredibly stress and physically demanding conditions was not a place for a woman trying to have a child, as many job in the city tend to be.

So I chose to pivot at the height of my career, turn down working on huge movies and tv shows, and create a new life that could give me the balance and opportunity of a family – I started my own business.

Present Day is a labour of love – an online shop and studio space in Toronto that offers beautiful gift boxes and gift baskets, with thoughtful, locally made products that are high quality and gorgeously packaged. I wanted to create an alternative to the classic, stuffy, cellophane-wrapped ‘gift basket’ out there by creating lovely little packaged boxes with the prettiest things. An added perk is that I’ve been able to connect with so many amazing people in the community!

Present Day supports small brands in Toronto & Canada and we offer ready-made gift sets for any occasion – for men, women and baby. You can also custom-make your own gifts by picking and choosing all the individual items that would create the perfect gift for your recipient so that each gift is thoughtful and personalized. Each gift is packaged in a chic black box with black & white ribbon.






Starting my own business was not the easiest jump (let’s not kid ourselves, it’s still quite hard) but it’s helped me grow and learn a lot, and I am now, finally, starting to have the time and focus to work on my family.

Sometimes you need to look deep at your ‘dreams’ and figure out what will truly make you happy. As women, it’s so hard to have it all… But I’m looking forward to the new future I can now build. I’d love to hear from you if you’ve have similar experiences!! Visit us at

– Written by Sophia Pierro, founder of Present Day.

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