A Mini 24 Hour Vacation – With Baby In Tow!

  • Guest blog post by Mommy Connections Alumni, Megan K

Not all of us can take a week to head south during the winter, be it finances or time. To help get through the long slog of February we book a one-night getaway to Niagara-on-the-Lake. We have done so for the last few years since returning to Canada after living abroad. We have come to love the joy of not making the bed for a change, sipping tea in a beautiful setting, lounging poolside (yes, inside but better than nothing, right), and just taking a break from the normal routine. It’s amazing how revitalized you can feel with a 24 hour stint away! 

So here’s a little recap of our very mini-vacation…

We love to start the day early and with an 11 month old we don’t really have a choice in the matter- we embrace it. We packed our bag with a change of clothes, a bathing suit each and a few nibbles for the room. Last year I was 7.5 months pregnant on the same trip so you can imagine there were a few differences. With playpen, ‘baby doll,’ shake-shake-shake bunny,’ and ‘STG’ (Sophie the Giraffe of course) we loaded the car and hit the highway. We love the short drive and close proximity to home of NOTL, so just an hour or so later we arrive at our destination: The Prince of Wales Hotel

We arrived early. 11am or so, but it was a little to early for early check-in so we made our way to a pizza place I had sussed our online: Pieza Pizzeria- a cute, little house converted into a restaurant. Now I know the dining options in NOTL are endless but this place was great! Reasonably priced, just off the main strip, and a few minutes walk to our hotel. 

Following a delicious shared lunch of homemade meatballs to start and a ridiculously delicious pizza we received news that our room was ready. 

The Prince of Wales hotel has some serious history, the most beautiful tea room, extravagant hallways, ambience that takes you back 100 years (Not bad for a 24 hour trip). Our room featured a king size four poster bed with step to reach the top, fireplace, and many little low lying trinkets and wires for a very active baby to explore.  

After a quick baby-proofing we headed out to grab a few bites for our picnic dinner and a few beverages to enjoy post-babe sleep time. Mark then headed down for his pre-arranged massage at the Secret Garden Spa. I hung out with the babe and we got very familiar with our new home for the next day, crawling under the bed, standing at the unlit fireplace that had to stay off for the whole visit (the babes little hands would not have resisted that) and then got suited up into our pool attire.  We met daddy in the pool and had a great time splashing around the saltwater and rinsing off in the warm shower.

Now it was time for mommy to head off for her massage treatment!  I had decided to take the second booking seeing as I thought the babe would nap during the first, so just that little bit of extra ‘me’ time, but did I get that wrong. She was very awake while Mark was away and of course slept while daddy went to grab a Starbucks while I was in treatment. 

We dined in our room on a charcuterie board of goodies we had put together, had a nice cold beverage and played until bedtime (for one-of the three of us). We enjoyed some time together thinking back to how much our lives had altered over the past year. We couldn’t imagine another life and are so lucky to have our beautiful baby girl with us, even on a romantic 24 hour getaway. 

With one more swim we started our day. The breakfast the next morning was exceptional- pancakes stacked higher than I have seen before.  Bacon, eggs, toast, oatmeal, fresh baked and piping hot cinnamon sugar muffins, juices and tea- I couldn’t have eaten one more bite upon departure. Just the perfect send off to a beautiful time with my two favourite people. 

Side Note: My booking platform of choice (if possible) is Travelzoo. This night away included a bottle of wine and morning breakfast (our breakfast alone was $75) all for $199. This deal has come up for the last few years with few black out dates- here’s hoping this great deal continues to appear year after year. 

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