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Hey there mama-to-be!

Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your baby-to-be! As your due date approaches, one of the best things you can do is put aside the to-do list (the stroller research, nursery decorating, and million other tasks can wait!) and prepare YOU for what’s to come.

You’re invited to join us at MIT (Mom In Training) for an afternoon workshop where we’ll do just that. You’ll gain valuable knowledge to help you prepare for childbirth and the early postpartum period (the ‘fourth trimester’ when babe would rather be back inside the comfy hotel you created than in the outside world!), and – perhaps most importantly – meet a tribe of supportive women who are at the same stage as you.

We’ll delve into nutrition, preparing your body physically for childbirth, and what to expect when it comes to breastfeeding. Then we’ll facilitate a discussion amongst your fellow moms-to-be so that you don’t feel so alone in this crazy adventure. And finally, we’ll finish off with a relaxing pre-natal pilates class, suitable for all fitness levels.

This workshop is for women only, and is designed to complement – not replace – a more traditional pre-natal program.  There will be tons of time for socializing, door prizes, and you’ll also leave with a special gift bag.

For full details, or to reserve your spot, click here.

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