KidloLand App – a fun and interactive app for tots!

With the latest launch of Pokémon Go, some parents and caregivers are reluctant to let their little ones get into technology with the bad rep that video game playing is getting lately.

Screenshot_2016-07-26-10-19-18I recently had the opportunity to review a toddler app called KidLoLand.  Both my boys who are 3 and 5 years old spent some time playing with the app and both of them enjoyed it.

The app uses music and sensory development (touch, sight, hearing) to make learning fun for toddlers.  Technology is a huge draw for this age group and it certainly helps to have an app that is 100% educational and also 100% entertaining.

It is free to download but one drawback is that it’s $39.99US for a one year subscription if you want to be able to access the full suite of modules available in the app.   When you buy the full subscription, it provides a huge variety of learning modules that will provide hours of entertainment for your little one so it definitely is worth it if you are going to use it frequently.  Screenshot_2016-07-26-09-52-17_resizedScreenshot_2016-07-26-09-48-44_resizedYour child can click on modules or topics such as Nursery Rhymes, Colours, Numbers, Animals, Shapes, Vehicles, Insects, Vegetables, and many others.  Within each module there are various options as well, for example in Screenshot_2016-07-26-10-32-22_resizedColours, it takes you to a menu where you can choose a specific colour, Red, Blue, Green, etc and hear coordinated songs for the colour, with objects and animals related to the colour, and will take you through various screens that are interactive when you tap certain animals, or objects in the scene with that colour.  No matter what module/topic you go to, it definitely is an engaging and educational tool that holds a toddler’s attention for a decent amount of time; a near impossible task!

Each time my kids played, they found new things to tap on and new modules they enjoyed.  Chase playing kidloThat was a really unique feature.  They also really enjoyed the Nursery Rhymes and Christmas themed modules.  Although hearing Christmas Carols in the middle of summer was a bit unnerving!   Brax and Chase playing kidlo

While on the topic of music, some of the songs in the app can be a bit annoying for parents, the repetition can get to you…. I often had to turn the volume down on the tablet.  But it’s no different when my kids are watching Dora or Backyardigans or any other show… I can only take it in small amounts.  I wouldn’t encourage them to be playing on a tablet for longer than an hour anyways.   I must say though that getting an hour of personal time while your child is occupied playing KidloLand is definitely a plus!   The kids were singing along and bobbing their heads, and my 5 year old also was reading and following the words along the bottom like a little mini karaoke session.. so it was great for him to practice his reading in a fun way! Screenshot_2016-07-26-09-50-09_resized

All in all the KidloLand app is a nice addition to my app list on my phone and tablet. I bring it everywhere I go so I can be assured the kids will be educated and entertained at the tap of a screen.

To learn more about KidloLand, go to  You can also find the app on Google Play, The Apple Store, and the Amazon store.  Worth checking it out!

As a summer giveaway, we are offering 5 people a chance to win a three month subscription to the KidloLand app! Your kids can try it out for themselves!  Go to to enter our contest today!  Contest closes August 14, 2016 at 11:59 pm.










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