Active Mom and Baby program – New for Winter 2017!

Are you looking for a great way to get out and meet other moms with your little one but want to be active at the same time? Try our NEW Program this winter – Active Mom and Baby!

The Active Mom and Baby program runs 8 weeks on Wednesdays starting February 22nd to April 19th, 2017 from 1-2 pm and is $110 plus HST.  The program is all about trying out different fitness classes for you to get your exercise on with baby each week!  From Mom & Baby Bootcamp to  Zumba, SalsaBabies, BellyFit, StrongMom and Mom & Baby Yoga, you will have a chance to try out various fitness classes available in the Newmarket and Aurora area all designed for Moms who want to bring along or work out with their baby in tow!

We will meet once a week for an hour, the first 45 minutes will be a fitness program while the last 15 minutes (or more) will be a chance to connect as a group and discuss new topics every week that are relevant to Moms with babies! You will also receive a Mom and Baby photoshoot and swagbag worth over $150 of great products, coupons, and offers from national and local businesses!

This class is a field trip format and will be held at various venues each week, depending on the instructor or class.  *You will need water, clean, dry running shoes, a yoga mat as required,  and anything you may need for your little one *  If you are worried about nap time, not a problem!  Every week the fitness classes can be adapted for you to do with OR without baby so you are guaranteed to still get a good workout if your little one is napping in their carrier or in a sling carrier when possible.  Check out our agenda below!  Register at



About brendaandrew

I am super excited to be the new Program Director for the Newmarket/Aurora area. With roots in the area and as a mom myself of two young boys, I know the challenges that Moms have in needing good information to help with raising baby, wanting to get out of the house and have time to bond not just with your baby but with other moms who are going through similar challenges and life experiences as you. I had wanted to be part of Mommy Connections for a few years before I joined. For some reason, I went back to a full time marketing corporate type job after my first child, because I thought it was the right and responsible thing to do, and didn't really enjoy it because it took me away from spending time with my son. Before my son, the corporate marketing gig was great, but I found upon returning to work, my priorities had changed, as it does for most Moms. WIth the job market in my field of work being really difficult after my second son was born, I was finding it hard to find full time work again. I made it my goal to find something that was going to work for me and my family and knew that I had to be resourceful. I ended up doing some marketing freelancing and consulting and then revisited the idea of becoming a Mommy Connections Director. I felt that at this particular time in my life it is the perfect solution for me to use my marketing and event expertise, do what I love, and also have the flexibility to be there for my kids. A match made in heaven. So here I am. And I couldn't be happier. I look forward to meeting all you Moms in the area. If you're anything like me - the more information and support I can get when it comes to raising my kids - the better.