Choosing a daycare has never been easier!

Making the decision on a daycare is probably one of the most stressful for a parent choosing to go back to work after maternity leave.  With so many options, and the research required can be extremely overwhelming!

Mommy Connections York Region North has had the privilege of seeing Kids & Company Aurora’s location up close and personal when we ran some of our Mom and Baby programs out of their facility.  Not only was I impressed with their cleanliness, professionalism and nurturing environment but I also loved that all of the children have lunch and snacks provided by the Kidco Kitchen.  The menus are created by a nutritionist, cooked by chefs and approved by kids. Meals are served family style, with students and teachers sitting and eating at the table together and made fresh and with variety every day.

When it comes to development, at Kids & Company, they believe in learning through play. They augment each day with their personalized curriculum including pre-literacy and reading, artistic expression, music, movement, science and exploration, and language.  

The various rooms they have for the different age groups is impressive as well with lots of visual appealing spaces, toys, crafts, books, learning resources and equipment to keep your little ones busy from infant right up to school age before and after school care.  

In most cases, it is harder for the parents than it is for the child when leaving your child in a daycare facility.  Parents of Kids & Company can put their mind at ease and be comforted knowing their child is ok.   At any point through the day you can use your log-in access to the Daycare Webwatch to view the daycare’s in-room cameras online.  This allows you to view your child interacting and participating in the daily activities and see how they are adjusting, at any time you feel you need to check!  You will also receive a daily report on how your child’s day was and any special “wow” moments!

The Aurora location is conveniently close to lots of parks and walking trails, a splash and library for field trips, right off of Wellington St. at Industrial Pkwy.   There also is a really nice playground on-site with a soft surface for safe play.

Some quick things to ask about when looking for a daycare,  keep these few things in mind, it’s not about price although that is sometimes a determining factor.
1) Location – how easy it is to get to
2) Drop-off/Pick-up times (Flexibility) and their drop-off and pick-up process  (Sign-in and Sign-out procedures, security etc)
3) Curriculum/Activities offered for appropriate age groups
4) Cleanliness & Sanitization
5) Rules and policies (sickness, accidents etc)
5) Nutritious Meals/Snacks
6) Staff Qualifications and Handlng of children.  (CPR certifications, ECE trained, and if they are nurturing and treat the children like their own)

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised that Kids & Company meets and exceeds in all of these areas and will check all your boxes!
See for yourself!  Arrange a tour or pop in for a visit, and they will be happy to help you!

If you are in the process of looking for a daycare facility in the area, give Kids & Company Aurora a call at 905-751-1531 or email the daycare centre director at .  Check out their website at for more info!

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I am super excited to be the new Program Director for the Newmarket/Aurora area. With roots in the area and as a mom myself of two young boys, I know the challenges that Moms have in needing good information to help with raising baby, wanting to get out of the house and have time to bond not just with your baby but with other moms who are going through similar challenges and life experiences as you. I had wanted to be part of Mommy Connections for a few years before I joined. For some reason, I went back to a full time marketing corporate type job after my first child, because I thought it was the right and responsible thing to do, and didn't really enjoy it because it took me away from spending time with my son. Before my son, the corporate marketing gig was great, but I found upon returning to work, my priorities had changed, as it does for most Moms. WIth the job market in my field of work being really difficult after my second son was born, I was finding it hard to find full time work again. I made it my goal to find something that was going to work for me and my family and knew that I had to be resourceful. I ended up doing some marketing freelancing and consulting and then revisited the idea of becoming a Mommy Connections Director. I felt that at this particular time in my life it is the perfect solution for me to use my marketing and event expertise, do what I love, and also have the flexibility to be there for my kids. A match made in heaven. So here I am. And I couldn't be happier. I look forward to meeting all you Moms in the area. If you're anything like me - the more information and support I can get when it comes to raising my kids - the better.