Meet The Team

Brenda Andrew, Owner/Director of Mommy Connections York Region North

Hey Mamas!  Thanks for checking out this page to learn more about us!
I am a Mom of two active boys and life is definitely crazy!  But I love what I do and enjoy meeting new moms and little ones!

I have lived in both Newmarket and Stouffville,  love these communities and am honoured to be able to bring some valuable programs to local families here!

I was working as a marketing manager in the corporate world for many years, at various technology companies always thought I would continue doing that until I retired one day.  When I had my first son in Nov 2010, my whole world changed.  I was happy to be a mom, but it was also extremely lonely, isolating, overwhelming and exhausting.  I also felt a lot of anxiety but wanted to find mommy friends and activities to do to get me out of the house and socializing with people to get me out of my funk.  I tried attending different groups and programs and just felt I wasn’t connecting with anyone really and that most of the programs were focused on the kids and not getting to know the moms.   When my mat leave was close to ending, I wasn’t ready.  I craved spending more time with my son, and realized that the type of work I was going to go back to wasn’t fulfilling.   I desperately wanted to find a way to be able to make a career work around the lifestyle I was looking for, and one I could also feel passionate about.  When I found Mommy Connections 5 years later, I had 2 little boys and definitely knew that I had stumbled upon something that checked all the boxes for me.  So here I am!

Now I start my days knowing that what I’m doing is extremely rewarding, and brings me joy.  Being able to help other Moms just like me – who need advice, support, understanding, a day out of the house with other moms, who just want to enjoy being a Mom in between “momming”,  is my passion.  Having others around you who are going through what you are going through – building the foundations for a strong community of Moms is what this is all about and I’m happy to be a part of it!  We hope to bring you a little closer to your community, with some fun and friendship with some new mommy friends mixed in there as well through the programs we offer!

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your village and I look forward to meeting each of you soon!


Lindsay Bantis – Mommy Connections Blogger and local mom

Lindsay is the new blogger on the block who writes for us on occasion and has recently launched , named after her two daughters, Stella and Evva. Lindsay is a full time working mom who blogs about her suburban lifestyle, local family fun, and occasionally food – this mom is having fun and living her best life with her family at her side.