It’s a Barre Life!

barrelogoOne of the newest fitness crazes is the ballet barre class. I recently visited Barre Life studio in Oakville for their Ballet Resistance class. And WOW what a class! It’s 60 minutes of intense ballet inspired exercises targeting your core, legs and arms. Lot’s of relevés for those fabulous dancer legs. Tendues, Jetés, Battements, Retirés – front, side and back – and yes – then to the other side!

image What makes this class so amazing is all the exercises are done in the center holding on to bungee resistance cords hanging from the ceiling instead of a barre – just to challenge your core that extra bit more!

The facility is gorgeous. and so inviting when you walk in. A lounge with coffee and tea, stunning changeroom, showers and towel service. I didn’t want to leave after class! There is also child minding available for certain classes.

I started training in classical ballet at the age of 5 and dance has always been an important part of my life. Dance is the best full-body workout! Long lean muscles and beautiful posture. As a dancer, I enjoyed the Barre Life fitness classes. It brought back a lot of memories and was so inspiring to exercise through ballet. But these classes are not just for dancers, anyone can feel the intensity and burn of the Barre Life experience! New to barre, try the Barre Classic; a mix of ballet, pilates, strength and flexibility.

image(1)As a mother of two now, finding the time to exercise can be a challenge, at Barre Life I can get a full-body workout in an hour, be surrounded by amazing people at the same time, and have fun!

Check out their website and class schedule here and let’s go to a class and make it a Barre Life kinda day!

– Megan



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